What Should You Understand About Neograft Hair Transplantation?


NeoGraft is the most innovative and sophisticated hair transplant technique currently available. It is a highly effective follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair replacement technique that captures and transplants individual hair follicles in a safe manner.

Neograft is the first automated hair restoration device approved by FDI. It functions as a component of the surgeon’s palms to facilitate the precise extraction of hair follicle units. This procedure is superior to others because its execution and recovery require less time. You can also consult a Westport hair restoration expert to learn more. 

Benefits of Neograft Hair Transplantation

Neograft vs. Fue

NeoGraft has numerous benefits over conventional follicular unit extraction. Among the advantages of NeoGraft hair restoration are:

Reduced damage to hair follicles

Conventional Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) cause more trauma and injury to hair follicles than NeoGraft. Trauma reduction improves the efficacy rate of hair restoration and the survival rate of implanted follicles.

Fewer Difficulties

NeoGraft is a minimally invasive procedure; consequently, it has a small number of surgical complications. NeoGraft eliminates the need to harvest a strip of scalp for follicles, thereby reducing the risk of nerve and blood vessel injury. As NeoGraft is an automated process, it reduces the likelihood of human error.

NeoGraft can be conducted considerably faster than conventional FUE. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) includes the extraction of multiple grafts, which directly impacts the duration of the procedure. If more than 3,500 grafts need to be extracted, the process may last up to two days. Simultaneously, NeoGraft transplants are performed within 4 to 10 hours and require minimal time.

Little Free Time

The NeoGraft transplant procedure does not involve scalpels, staples, sutures, or linear scarring. There is minimal delay because recovery is swifter and causes minimal discomfort. You can do any hairstyle with confidence and ease, as there are no visible scars.

How Does Neograft Function?

The stages involved in the NeoGraft hair restoration procedure are as follows:

  • Surgeons shave the entire scalp or the region from which hair follicles are extracted.
  • Local anesthesia is utilized to immobilize the area where the transplant will occur. It prepares the patient for extraction by reducing the trauma.
  • With the aid of a special wand that employs pneumatic pressure, hair follicles are extracted and then implanted using a specialized instrument into the hairless area.
  • The surgical removal and implant sites can be dressed to prevent hemorrhaging and discomfort.

Who Can Receive a Neograft Hair Restoration?

An optimal candidate for NeoGraft therapy is one who meets the following criteria:

  • Does not have any chronic health condition that might get worse after surgery, such as hypertension, diabetes, which is uncontrolled, or blood coagulation.
  • > 25 years of age and older
  • Has a dense hairline
  • Experiencing hair loss around the hairline
  • Has hair color that matches their skin tone
  • Experiencing hair loss that is not due to medication or tension.

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