Things To Know Before Getting Liposuction Surgery


Liposuction is a popular surgery to remove excess fat from certain parts of your body. People also call it lipoplasty, lipo, or body contouring. The most common areas from where fat is removed during liposuction include thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, neck, and back. The best candidates for liposuction are those who have tried eliminating fat using exercise but failed. 

It is also important to remember that liposuction may not be the right one for everyone. There are various things one must be aware of before getting liposuction. Consult with a botox and fillers woodland hills expert and discuss your concerns with them to determine whether liposuction is a viable solution for you.  

Things to know before getting liposuction surgery

It is ideal for people with firm and elastic skin. 

One of the things that makes one a good candidate for liposuction surgery is having firm and elastic skin. You should also be within 30 percent of your ideal body weight and have decent muscle tone to get the desired results. You should not be a smoker and have realistic expectations from the surgery. For example, you cannot walk into the clinic expecting to look like your favorite celebrity or model. 

It is a fat-reduction procedure, not a weight-loss surgery. 

Many people confuse liposuction with a weight loss program, but it only sucks the fat from specific parts of your body. People who have tried alternate approaches, such as dieting and exercise, to reduce fat but failed can opt for liposuction. Reducing fat through dieting and exercise can be extremely difficult, but liposuction can make it easy. The amount of fat removed in a single session is enough to make noticeable changes. 

It can take weeks to prepare for liposuction. 

There are several steps involved in the preparation for liposuction surgery. First of all, you need to find a good surgeon and discuss your goals and expectations with them. The doctor will then determine whether you are the right candidate for the procedure. You will be required to restrict smoking and drinking for three weeks before the procedure. The candidate must also have excess fat in certain areas and stable body weight.

You will also be required to discuss any medications you are taking. If you take blood thinners, your doctor may ask you to stop them and suggest alternative medicines. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for a successful surgery and minimal complications. 

These are some important facts that all liposuction prospects should know before undergoing the procedure. With the help of a board-certified surgeon, you can get the body you want.

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