Top Differences One Should Know Between Coronavirus And SARS


Coronavirus is the most researched topic these days. The disease has an adverse impact on the lives of people and awareness is very important to protect people from this virus. Coronavirus was found in the bats and then it affected humans. This communicable disease has affected a large community of humans leading to death in some cases. SARS is the other respiratory disease that was identified in 2003 and this post will help you to understand the difference between both the viruses.

You must take precautions and keep yourself updated about its spread in your community. This can be transferred from one person to the other through tiny droplets of a cough so you must wash your hands whenever you touch anything or sanitize things that you get from the grocery store. Whenever you are out you must follow the rules of physical distance to avoid the spread of the virus. You can buy the best respiratory masks online. You must visit top-rated websites to buy the best quality masks.

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Top Differences one Should Know

  • The structure of coronavirus has spikes that reflect an image of crown and corona means crown in Latin so this virus is named as coronavirus. The first case of coronavirus was detected in 2019. The full form of SARS is Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome and this disease was first found in 2003.
  • The common symptoms of Coronavirus are cough, cold, fever, congested nose, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. The main symptoms of SARS were fever and diarrhoea. Shortness of breath is found in both coronavirus and the SARS and there are some other common symptoms. The symptoms of SARS were severe than the Coronavirus.
  • It has been found that people who need ventilation in coronavirus are less as compared to patients who were on medical ventilation in SARS. SARS is deadlier than the coronavirus leading to more deaths.
  • Coronavirus spread more easily than SARS from person to person. If you have coronavirus then you will have a high number of viruses in your nose and throat and then later you will experience the illness, but in case of SARS, the virus increases with the illness.
  • Coronavirus and SARS enter the cells and bind with them and causes infection. Coronavirus binds easily with the host cell and this is the reason it spreads easily.
  • The last case of SARS was found in the year 2004 and it became easy to locate the disease through tests. Coronavirus is not easy to test as in some cases patients do not have symptoms.

These are some common differences between coronavirus and SARS.

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