Why Hospital Should Urgently Use HEPA Air Scrubbers


Good air filtration is essential in various work environments and industries. One of the places where it is probably vital is in the healthcare sector. Medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research facilities, and doctor’s offices have strict guidelines when it comes to their air filtration needs. Without proper air filtration products and processes, we risk contaminating other patients, staff, or the general public with different diseases. That is why the HEPA air scrubbers for hospitals are imperative.

Air scrubbers are portable filtration systems that eliminate chemicals, gases, and particles from the air in a specific place. These machines usually draw air from the environment and then pass it via a series of air filters to get rid of contaminants. Here are some of the reasons why medical environments should always consider using air scrubbers.

To clean the surrounding air


While HEPA filters capture large airborne contaminants like dirt and dust, air scrubbers work by actively cleaning the air in hospitals by releasing some air scrubbers to minimize the number of contaminants, odours, pollutants, mold and volatile organic compounds on surfaces and in the air. Air scrubbers will not only assist in filtering the air, but it also helps in cleaning, deodorizing, and purifying the air.

To maintain fresh air

Instead of using off-the-shelf air fresheners that add some chemicals to the surrounding air, air scrubbers minimize airborne toxins in the medical facilities naturally. Once the air conditioner, fan, or furnace, the air scrubbers begin working, cleaning the surfaces and air using the air scrubbing technology. They clean, freshen and purify the air, including odours caused by cooking and odour-causing bacteria.

To protect health workers and patients

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is among the top environmental dangers. However, with the power of air scrubbers, hospitals can protect their medical professionals and patients. An air scrubber does not only clean the air, but it also cleans furniture, doorknobs, air ducts, countertops, and almost every other surface in a hospital.

To extend the lifespan of HVAC systems

Apart from protecting the medical staff and patients in the hospital, HEPA air scrubber technology also boosts the efficiency of the HVAC systems and extends their lifespan as well. Instead of dirtying and damaging the HVAC systems, indoor air contaminants are usually broken up and eliminated by air scrubbers. That, in turn, translates to lower energy bills, fewer repairs, and longer-lasting HVAC systems.

Wrapping up

The quality of air in hospitals should be free of harmful bacteria, microbes, viruses, and other dangerous particles. Keeping the hospital air free of these harmful pathogens is vital when it comes to the safety and health of the medical staff, patients, and visitors. HEPA filters and scrubbers are incredibly rugged, effective, and reliable. Using these devices will also assist in improving the air quality in a medical or healthcare facility. Furthermore, with the antimicrobial coating, the air scrubbers will kill bacteria and microbes on contact, making sure that they are eliminated from the air and kept off all sensitive surfaces.

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