How to Prepare for a Lip Injection in Toronto


The lips play a great part in determining the attractiveness of the female. It is, thus, the dream of every woman to acquire full luscious lips. One of the top procedures that many people are opting for is lip injection. For starters, lip injection is a process in which fillers are injected into the lips in pursuit of the desired lip volume or shape. If you choose to undergo the procedure, it is important to be well prepared for it. A few steps will guide you on how to go about it.

  1. Know What You Want

Lip injections achieve different results. Therefore, you should have an idea on the outcome you want to get after the procedure. According to the instructions you give to your injector, the results can be just slight plumping of the lips or achievement of full lips. If you carry with you a sample in form of a picture, it will be easier for specialist to figure out the types of fillers to use and how to go about the procedure.

  1. Inform the Doctor about Current Medication

It is important to provide information about any drugs or supplements you are using at the time of the procedure. Keep in mind that some medication can increase the risks of swelling, bruising and bleeding, thereby complicating the healing process. The physician will help you determine whether it is safe for you to go on with the procedure or if you should first halt the use of the medications for a certain period before the injection.

  1. Stop Smoking

Habits such as smoking may interfere with the results of the procedure. Before you get the injections, therefore, you should first stop smoking. Keep in mind that your lips may become sensitive for some days after the process. This means that you still cannot go back to smoking soon after you get the lip enhancement.

  1. Have a Plan on Clothing

You are probably wondering how the kinds of clothes you wear influence the success of your lip injections. Here is the connection: when you remove your clothes, you may have to pass them over your head, thereby brushing your freshly injected lips. Apart from the pain, you may affect the quality of the results. Therefore, you should have ready loose clothes or even better, shirts whose buttons run all the way down.

  1. Get Ready for a Bit of Discomfort

You don’t have to worry about pain. The fillers are usually mixed with numbing agents and pain is almost nonexistent. Still, you are bound to feel some level of discomfort. If you are prepared for it, the easier it will be for you and the person injecting the fillers.


How well you will be prepared for your lip injections in Toronto may determine the results as well as the recovery process. Remember that some factors may disqualify you from getting the injection, at least for some time. It is advisable to talk to your physician about your plans to get your lips enhanced.

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