5 Cosmetic Procedures To Help Boost Your Confidence


Existing beneath the skin in our legs or arms, varicose veins are the twisted and enlarged stratums that not only give ugly looks but also cause inflammation and pain. Different methods including the varicose veins laser treatment are suggested by the wise physicians.

Major cosmetic procedures – Following are the usual treatment procedures that are initiated by the physicians:

Sclerotherapy – This unique procedure involves the use of a solution that is injected in the vein. Route of blood is changed and it travels through the healthier stratums instead of the varicose veins under this procedure. It helps in reabsorbing the collapsed veins into the adjoining tissues. The wise doctor may suggest you undergo repeated procedures within four to six weeks for closing off the veins fully. No need for numbing except the discomfort of petty needle pricks due to injections. Use of compression stockings for a few days is suggested.

Microsclerotherapy – This treatment method involves the use of smaller needles to cure small varicose veins.

Laser Therapy – This therapy is aimed at closing off the veins with the help of bursts involving the use of high-intensity light by zipping the affected stratums. The patients are not made to suffer from any cuts or needle pricks under this specific procedure that is used for treating smaller varicose veins.

Endovenous ablation therapy – This is another effective treatment for curing varicose veins. Laser or radio waves are used to close off the affected veins. This procedure keeps you awake during the operation that does not involve any unconsciousness. The area around the varicose veins is the first number followed by a small cut in the skin and insertion of a thin tube. It is equipped with a device involving a laser or radio wave for the purpose of creating heat that is helpful in closing off the affected veins. Patient’s legs could be wrapped in compression bandage after the procedure is over and he or she could go home the same day after some time.

Endoscopic vein surgery – This special operation must be got initiated by an experienced surgeon that knows his task well. The procedure involves the use of a small camera on a small tube. It is threaded into the vein with the help of a cut in the skin. Use of a surgical device attached at the end of the tube is made for closing off the affected vein. This specific procedure may be needed if the skin is affected by severe ulcers because of the varicose veins. It may take you a few weeks to resume your usual tasks if you undergo the endoscopic vein surgery.

Why not try the best varicose veins laser treatment, the most effective method for boosting your confidence.

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