You Need To Try Your Hand at the Recent Micro-Needling Trend


Micro-needling has become a savior for many people who suffer from one skin condition or the other. The immediate results that it produces upon the skin is lauded by many of its users and potential users.

Micro-needling, which is also known as collagen induction therapy, is the process of collagen induction within the skin. It uses thin and sharp needles in order to create several tiny negligible puncture wounds on the skin. To be specific, it is the top layer of the skin that is impacted by these punctures. Though it might not sound appealing in theoretical form because of the images of puncture wounds upon the skin, the outcome of this procedure is highly effective. This minimally invasive treatment can be done in the office by a trained professional aesthetician, cosmetic doctor, or dermatologist. The doctor uses a derma roller, which is a small tool that shaped like a paint roller and has little needles sticking to it. These needles then make the punctures on the skin. It can be done at home and is equally effective, as done in the office.

This procedure is ideal for those who wish to see their stretchmarks, acne scars, and other blemishes significantly reduced. All person has to do is to visit a cosmetic doctor, and they will let you know whether your skin is capable of being treated with micro-needling or not.

The way micro-needling works is that it gets your skin to produce more collagen that it already does. When the skin is pricked, it causes slight injury, and so it retaliates by producing more and fresh collagen-rich tissue. The new tissue will be able to bring about a more even skin tone and texture. As a person ages, the skin tends to start losing collagen, sometimes it can get affected by injuries as well, so the new tissue will help make it firmer and better.

Reduces wrinkles

Anybody of belonging to any age range and gender desires youthful skin, and so opts for micro-needling. The stimulation and increase of collagen and elastin are the main elements that allow access to wrinkle-free skin. Micro-needling makes use of the body’s healing techniques because of which the results look very natural. The minimal downtime after surgery is one of the many benefits of micro-needling.

Reduces visible scars

Many studies have echoed that micro-needling has been able to drastically better the appearance of scars. You will, however, have to be patient with the micro-needling process so that you can see results that will last a long time. You will have to keep an eye out for some of the acne scars that are ingrained deeper into the skin. A professional cosmetic doctor will use 3mm long needles to be able to get to the deeper and more stubborn acne scars.

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