What Happens If You Never Get Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out?


Your dentist says that you must have your wisdom teeth extracted, but you say that they don’t hurt, so why remove those wisdom teeth? 

Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars usually grow abnormally, causing many dental problems. They usually appear at a much later stage in the persons between the ages of 17 and 25. They are the last set of teeth to grow and are found growing at the back of the mouth.  In some cases, the wisdom teeth might not show any symptoms, whereas others might experience pain. If the wisdom teeth are not removed, it might damage the nearby teeth, forms cysts or infection, tumors, gum diseases, etc. There are also chances that the wisdom teeth might grow sideways, pushing the other teeth, causing overcrowding of teeth. 

Here are some reasons that stay why you must opt for affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney

  • Overcrowding of Teeth

The mouth and jaws of many patients are smaller in size, which doesn’t offer necessary room for the third molars to grow in the right way. When these teeth erupt, it might cause overcrowding. In this scenario, your teeth will begin to overlap against each other, causing the other teeth to shift. Your dentist will usually suggest you for a wisdom teeth removal Sydney procedure. 

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The impacted wisdom teeth are usually trapped below your gum line. This impacted teeth, usually cause severe pain, and might cause abscess or infections. It doesn’t end there, the impacted teeth can also lead to various other health issues too. Moreover, if the wisdom teeth are not removed at the right time, their growth will shift in corresponding to the jawline, ultimately hampering the opening and closing of the jaw. Therefore it is wise to opt for an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney, that will help you avoid any future health problems.

  • Decay of teeth

Even when the third molars grow properly, the location can make it difficult to reach when cleaning the teeth. This can give rise to the growth of bacteria and create health issues. 

  • Damage of Jaw

There are many chances of the formation of cyst around the teeth. If you don’t get your wisdom teeth removed at the right time, there are chances that they might damage your jaw and nerves surrounding it. 

  • Sinus problems 

If you ignore the problems associated with wisdom teeth, it might lead to sinus troubles and congestion problems.

Your dentist will usually take various tests of your mouth, the position of the teeth, and only then recommend for a tooth extraction. Since the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is affordable now, don’t wait anymore to undergo the process. If you notice a swelling or bad odor at the back of your mouth, then it is time for an immediate wisdom tooth extraction!

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