Common Signs of Teething and Diarrhea You Must Be Aware Of


It has become a common perception that teething in babies, also causes diarrhea. However, experts say that there is no medical correlation between the two occurrences. We will explore what some of the leading symptoms are that babies experience both while they are teething, as well as when they are suffering from diarrhea, which may lead to explaining why diarrhea usually follows shortly afterwards.


Teething and Diarrhea

Generally, babies start teething around 6 months of age with their lower front teeth, give or take a few months. The teething process may continue until around the age of three years old. There are two stages of teething that cause the most pain and those are when the teeth are trying to poke though the gums, and when the molars are coming in.


Usually, after a few months, you will start to notice when the signs of teething are starting to occur. For example, if your notice that your baby has been crying more, or beginning to get a little bit more fussy, that’s usually a hint of the beginning signs of teething. There are several symptoms that often accompany teething. Some of the symptoms that are common while your little one is teething are as follows:



-Low Grade Fever

-Cheek Rubbing

-Ear Pulling

-Loss of Appetite

-Difficulty Sleeping


Most of the signs mentioned, such as the rubbing of the cheek and pulling of the ear, are a baby’s way of trying to find some sort of way to relieve the pain and discomfort that they’re experiencing. This is especially true for babies that seem to grab everything in sight to stick in their mouths. Sometimes finding something hard to chew or gnaw on, is the only way that they can relief for their swollen and tender gums.


It’s not uncommon for babies and children to sometimes suffer from diarrhea. Diarrhea can be caused by several things such as an intolerance to certain formula or milk, a food allergy, parasites, or more commonly, bacteria.

Although there is no proven data suggesting that teething can cause diarrhea in babies, there are a few correlations that some have taken notice to. For example, we all know how much bacteria different items can hold, especially plastic. When the baby grabs an object, even if it’s their toy, and throws it into their mouths and just starts chewing on it like there’s no tomorrow. Now imagine the extra drool that is being produced through teething, which is now getting on everything else that they’ve touched.


We know how hard it is to see your baby be uncomfortable and in pain. The actual hard toys do work to alleviate the pain and discomfort from teething, while simultaneously. I would suggest the best way to combat diarrhea is for you do a thoroughly clean anything that the baby would have had contact in.

Now that you understand a little more about baby teething and diarrhea, you can help by finding points of relief and wide opened opportunity. Sometimes if the symptoms get too bad, a low grade of medicine will be taken. Cleaning all of the baby toys with some sort cleaning disinfection, is one the main steps that you can take.

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