What damage can you cause to your body by wearing high heels?


Wearing high heels can make the perfect outfit, but heels can cause damage to body and health.

The height of heels determines how much body weight is placed on the ball of the foot – 22 percent for one-inch heels and 76 percent for three-inch heels.

According to the experts at House Call Doctor, when wearing high heels the lower back is pushed forward causing the hips and spine to be out of alignment, excess pressure is placed on knees, the chest is pushed forward, simulating the way a person walks on a ramp with increased pressure on the balls of the feet.

Before you squeeze into those stilettos for a night out you might want to consider the following.

Lower back pain

High heeled shoes were not designed for comfort and have less support than a flat shoe. Heels will put pressure on the balls of your feet causing uneven weight distribution that often manifests as lower back pain. There is also the possibility of nerve damage in the lower back because of the odd posture caused by heels.

Sore calves

Wearing heels will cause sore calves, but it can also lead to protruding veins in your legs, which can make your legs look unsightly. Calf muscles can shorten, and tendons will thicken.

Ankle Sprain

There are plenty of opportunities for sprained ankles while wearing heels – think cobblestones, subway grates, pot holes and footpaths – all waiting for the opportunity to cause maximum damage from an unfortunate misstep.

Spinal damage

Heels cause your lower back to become more arched than normal and the higher the heel the greater the back arch.

Constriction of blood vessels

The shapes of heeled shoes squeeze the foot into an unnatural position which can constrict blood vessels and even cause blood vessels to break.

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