Could CBD Actually Help You Lose Weight?


There can be many possible uses of CBD, it can fight acne or provide anxiety relief. Now, researchers are also trying to find whether it can help us to lose weight too.

Hempxtra is also the marketing number of CBD related products that can help you in reduction of weight as well.

Here in this post, we shall discuss about cannabidiol use for weight loss, and whether science too backs up this hype. Some people have claimed that CBD can achieve the following:

  1. Reduces appetite

Many people claim that by consuming CBD products, the appetite is reduced which eventually results in weight loss. As per the research, CBD will not deactivate CB1 receptor but can block them off due to influence of other molecules.

This may result in appetite reduction and prevent people from overeating. The trial was also done on animals and rats and was verified too.

  1. Converts bad fat into the good fat

Another health benefit of CBD product is that it is able to convert white fat which is called bad fat and turns them into brown fat that may burn calories too.

As per 2016 study, this claim was proved right and researchers found that these products can play multiple roles in order to interact our body with fat.

CBD can not only help to convert white fat into a brown fat, but also stimulates the body in breaking down fats much more efficiently.

  1. Burns fat

Many also claim that CBD can melt away fat in our body by breaking fat and also help eliminate it totally from our body as waste.

The research report of 2018, explained this phenomenon. The whole process of turning all white fat into brown fat changes how all these cells can act in our body.

These brown fat cells are more active form of fat. They help in burning off our energy as heat; as a result they actually burn our calories.

  1. Reduces the metabolic disorder risk

According to 2018 research notes, a close link was found between obesity and many metabolic disorders, e.g. type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Due to overactivation of CB receptors in our body, it may contribute to obesity as well as metabolic risks.

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