Take A Break: 5 Tips For Dental Implant Recovery


So, you’re about to receive a dental implant – fantastic! After all, this treatment comes with a range of benefits, from replacing the aesthetic of a natural tooth all the way through to prevent bone loss. However, as this procedure includes exactly that, an implant, it should come as no surprise that you won’t be advised to rush back to your normal routine post-treatment!

Instead, now’s the perfect time to rest, relax and allow your body to return to its full capacity with your fully functioning implant doing its amazing intended job.

Here are five tips for recovering after your treatment:

1. Get plenty of rest

The best dental implants Melbourne has may still require you to take a day or two off work to recover after your treatment. And, let’s be honest, there aren’t too many opportunities in life to say, “hey, now is really the best time for me to take a day off to recuperate, so I might as well!”

Of course, if you only receive a basic treatment and feel fine, you are more than welcome to get straight back to your routine. But the idea is that you relax and keep your head elevated, just to ensure you don’t put any unnecessary stress or strain on the treated area.

So be conscientious of how you feel and decide whether it is best for you to take that day off from the rigours of life’s endeavour.

2. Ice the treatment area

If you have received a more complex treatment it is highly likely that you will have to continue icing the surgical area. This is because this treatment can produce a little bit of swelling, meaning you will have to ice the space in intervals of 10 minutes with the ice pack and 10 minutes without it.

Yes, we get it: it’s an unfortunate element of receiving this treatment, but with a little icing here and there you will decrease the swelling and actually start to enjoy the treatment’s wonderful benefits!

3. Gently restart your oral care routine

The day after your treatment, it is highly recommended that you return to – or begin – a healthy oral care routine. But we don’t want you to go too hard on the surgical area as it might still be quite sensitive from the day before. Instead, we simply advise you to gently brush and floss your teeth and avoid electrical toothbrushes – they can be quite intense for a recently-treated tooth!

4. Avoid hard foods

We seriously advise against eating hard foods in the post-surgery period. Things like nuts, candies and popcorn are off the menu for the immediate future, as they could have serious ramifications for the affected area. Instead, stick to soft foods like fruits, smoothies, eggs, mashed potatoes and more, as these will be much easier on your teeth.

5. Keep hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential through any form of medical recovery, so we certainly recommend keeping a full water bottle by your side as you take it easy on the couch and as you continue through the post-treatment recovery process. Being hydrated helps you to feel better in general, not to mention aids the recovery process, so be sure to keep sipping on water and in no time you’ll be back to your regular routine.

So, simply follow these little pieces of advice when recovering from your dental implant procedure and you will soon be revelling in the fantastic benefits of this imperative treatment!

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