5 Reasons to Consider Laser Dentistry


Most people fear going to the dentist due to the discomfort and pain associated with dental treatments. However, with the advancement of dental technology in recent years, modern dentistry is much more comfortable, effective, and faster. One of the advancements that are particularly gaining popularity is laser dentistry. Mark Sutton DDS uses laser dentistry to treat dental issues such as teeth whitening and eliminating sensitivity. While many people are unsure about it because it is relatively new, most dentists recommend laser dentistry because it offers lots of benefits. Here is a look at five reasons you should consider laser dentistry during your next dental appointment.

Lessened Pain

Dental surgery often sounds painful and scary to those who have undergone the traditional way. Laser dentistry makes the whole procedure less invasive and eliminates the need for dental anesthesia. Laser dentistry emits a strong beam of light to remove or reshape the tissue. This beam also seals your wound simultaneously. This means the nerve endings are also sealed, reducing your pain sensation. This means that dental procedures performed using dental lasers often don’t need sedation or anesthetics as you will experience less pain.

Quicker Healing

As stated earlier, laser dentistry offers immediate wound cauterization. The procedure offers instant blood clotting, which helps promote healing and speed up the natural healing process of your body. Your treated section hence heals much quicker with laser dentistry than with other traditional dental treatments. For example, a dental problem such as periodontitis needs probing and scraping of the teeth and gums. Laser dentistry only causes a little discomfort during and after the procedure. Therefore, healing is quicker, so you will return to feeling like yourself faster.

Reduced Swelling and Bleeding

Laser dentistry utilizes strong light beams to perform dental treatments and surgeries. The beams help in minimizing bleeding and swelling after the procedure. If not for laser dentistry, bleeding would be a major issue. This technology seals the wound simultaneously as the procedure is performed. This clots the blood instantly hence less bleeding. Also, the laser has high precision and accuracy, leaving the surrounding dental tissues unaffected.

Patient Comfort

Another key benefit of laser treatment is that individuals scared of dentists can feel more comfortable and relaxed. Laser treatments eliminate the scary vibrations and nail-biting sounds of dental drills. This will help anxious patients, and kids get comfortable during the procedure.

Reduces The Risk of Infection

Today, laser dentistry is highly utilized and valued throughout the dental community. One of the main reasons is that they help sterilize the area they come into contact with. The heat and light linked with the laser beam sterilize the tissue, significantly reducing the risk of infection. Some laser treatments don’t need stitching, meaning lesser trauma to your teeth and gums and a reduced risk of infection. More so, the lack of excess bleeding and trauma during the procedure reduces the risk of other post-treatment complications.

Ultimately, laser treatment is gaining tremendous popularity due to the many benefits it provides to dental patients. These include faster healing times, pain-free dental procedures, and less bleeding. Dentists use hard and soft tissue lasers to treat various issues such as root canals, gum treatment, filling tooth cavities, and much more. If you have a dental problem that would benefit from laser dentistry treatments, visit a laser dentist.

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