Qualities of Good Cosmetic Doctor


The number of people opting for cosmetic procedures has grown incredibly over the years as more and more people are accepting and becoming aware of the intrinsic benefits of cosmetic enhancement. As per the statistics of the year 2017 from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there have more than 17.5 million procedures performed the year before that. The procedures have ranged from Botox injections and facelifts to breast augmentation.

If you have been thinking about aesthetic enhancements, whether it is surgical, injectable, or laser-assisted, the way you go about choosing your doctor will have a significant effect on the outcome. The increase in demand for the industry’s lunchtime makeovers has attracted a number of unqualified professionals, all of whom are willing to jump on the cosmetic procedures bandwagon. The untrained and inexperienced doctors may have the best bedside manner or the lowest prices in town, but you need to figure out whether it is really worth it putting your health at risk.

In order to be able to choose an experienced and trustworthy expert, you will have to check down the list of qualities that have observed within the country’s leading cosmetic doctors.

Education and training

Proper education and years of intense training are the foundation of a good cosmetic doctor. The right knowledge and training will bring technical expertise to those providing the doctors with the capability to perform difficult procedures with extreme precision and finesse. The candidate should be certified by the board of medicine of the country they belong to and have set up their practices in. Top-notch schools are also a must when you want good results.

Expansive professional experience

You should never underestimate the power and value of professional experience. The number of years a doctor has been in practice will allow you to determine how they can perform the more complex procedures. They are able to easily and quickly identify solutions and exercises that come from finely tuned technical expertise.

Committing to ongoing education

A top-notch cosmetic doctor always understands that their education is never really over. They understand that their fields are constantly advancing and so they keep up to date with it through constant education. They attend industry meetings and seminars and also constantly update their skills and equipment.

Honesty and integrity other than patient testimonials, the doctor’s competence can be tested through their post-procedure services. A doctor who puts their patients’ care first is not afraid to say that they cannot perform the procedure because of the dangers it can put the patient in. A good cosmetic doctor will only recommend the procedure if you are a fit candidate.

Chloe Sylvestre easily fits the list of all of the above-mentioned qualities. The Canadian Medical professional and founder of Clinique Chloé Médico-Esthétique, is a member of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine. She is also a teacher and speaker on the subject, giving proof of her dedication to constant learning.

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