DR Whalen Chiropractor in Va Beach: Chiropractic Practice 101


Chiropractic is an alternative medical practice that helps treat problems with our musculoskeletal system. Its focus is the maintenance and care for the spinal column. Out body’s musculoskeletal system is made of muscles, joints, bones, tendons, and cartilage. It supports our body, protects the organs, and allows people to move.

Usually, it was based on the belief that our musculoskeletal system issues can cause diseases in the central nervous system or CNS. This principle is no longer a part of the practice. In this article, we will explore chiropractic manipulations, as well as the scientific evidence supporting the practice’s effectiveness. We will also consider the safety precautions and what people can expect when they schedule an appointment to have a chiropractic adjustment session.

What is chiropractic manipulation?

The word chiropractic comes from “Cheir” and “Praxis,” Greek words for hands and practice. As its name suggests, it is a therapy that relies more on the use of hands. It is an application of pressure to the spine and other parts of the body by qualified experts or physicians. The pressure allows experts to correct and adjust alignment. This manipulation aims to improve mechanical function, reduce pain, and improve how people move.

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The basis of chiro manipulation

Modern practices are based on the spinal care model. But it has roots in less scientific ideas. According to history, chiro practitioners believed that the misaligned spine could cause various diseases. It was thought to happen through the CNS or Central Nervous System and innate knowledge.

This idea was called the vertebral subluxation complex. Practitioners of the past believed that 95% of diseases are caused this way. Past practitioners thought that this type of manipulation would correct issues in the body’s musculoskeletal system. In turn, it will cure certain kinds of diseases. Scientists and skeptics found this belief to have a scientific basis.

Early practitioners also rejected germ theories of immunization and disease. Because of this, chiro practices lacked legitimacy in the eyes of scientists, medical professionals, and the scientific community in general. Theories in this industry have evolved ever since. It has become more accepted as an alternative treatment for pain originating from the musculoskeletal system.

Chiro adjustment appointment

When individuals first visit the clinic, they may ask a series of questions about pain in the musculoskeletal system. After arriving at the clinic, practitioners will check the patient physically. They focus on the patient’s spine. Practitioners may also perform tests like x-rays to know the necessary treatment. If the patient needs treatment, the practitioner will develop a customized treatment plan for that patient.

These treatment plans usually involve using hands or devices to apply controlled pressure or force to the joint quickly. The aim of it is to improve the range and quality of physical movement. Other known treatments the practice may offer include:


Relaxation techniques

Heat and ice

Electrical stimulation

Counseling around a lifestyle that can affect the health of the musculoskeletal system

Dietary supplements

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Does chiro adjustment work?

There is growing evidence that suggests chiro manipulations can be an effective way to treatdifferent types of pain including:

Neck – According to a literature review from 2017, chiropractic interventions may minimize self-reported neck discomfort among office workers.

Lower back – Based on a 2016 study, moderate evidence suggests that chiro care may be very effective in alleviating pain in the lower back as physical therapy. In 2017, reviews fount that spinal column manipulation therapy was associated with improvements in function for patients with lower back pain.

As the industry evolved, chiropractic clinics like a chiropractor in VA Beach have gained legitimacy as an alternative medical practice. In some countries, chiropractic practice is now considered as a part of the mainstream medical industry.

Safety of adjustment

This practice involves manipulating one of the most critical parts of our body, the spinal column. It may cause side effects like:



Muscle stiffness


Increased discomfort

According to a 2007 study on the safety of chiropractic sessions for neck discomfort, it found out that although there were side effects (it is pretty common), they were rarely long-lasting or severe. The research concluded that the health benefits of this kind of care outweigh the potential risks. Studies also suggest that chiro manipulation is a safer solution for people suffering from pain in the lower back.

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