Perfect Night-Care Routine For All Skin Types


Why should one have a skin-care routine?

If you want your skin to appear radiant and healthy, it shall be of paramount importance for you to look after it both during the day and before going to bed. A skincare routine not only helps to target specific skin issues and prevent them from recurring, but it also helps to repair damage and maintain optimal skin health.

Importance of Night-time skincare routine

While the products in your daytime skincare routine are designed to hydrate and protect your skin from UV rays and other environmental aggressors, the products in your night skincare routine are designed to repair skin cells and speed up the healing process. Anti-ageing products, in particular, are most effective when your body is sleeping. At night, skincare products can penetrate better and the skin can breathe. Improving skin tone and colour, reducing skin blemishes, and hydrating and rejuvenating the skin are all advantages of a night skincare routine.

It is crucial that one makes sure to follow the routine in chronological order. Applying your skin care products in any order will prevent them from being easily absorbed into your skin, making them ineffective.

The following night routine shall be followed to ensure that your skin is taken care of while you are asleep and after you wake up.

1. Cleanser: The most important step in your nighttime skincare routine is cleansing your skin. If you wear makeup frequently, you should double cleanse your face.

2. Toner: Using a toner at night is just as important as using one during the day. Remember to use a slightly stronger toner at night to gently exfoliate your skin.

3. Serum: Because your skin repairs itself while you sleep, selecting the right serum is critical. Serums will help to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate your skin, keeping it looking healthy and youthful for longer.

4. Eye Cream: Choose an eye cream with a slightly thicker formula for the night to help nourish the delicate under-eye area thoroughly. This will help to moisturise and plump the area while you sleep, ensuring that you wake up with brighter, fresher eyes the next morning.

5. Spot Treatment: This is especially important for people who have acne, pigmentation, or dark spots on their skin.

6. Moisturiser: Since our bodies repair themselves while we sleep, choose a moisturiser with ingredients that aid this process.

7. Face Mask: Face masks shall be the last stage of your skincare routine, consider using a hydrating mask if your skin is dry, or a clay mask if your skin is oily.

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This mask is paraben-free, sulphate free, contains no nasties, and is non-carcinogenic. It is filled with organic extracts that penetrate deep within your skin to give you a healthy, rejuvenated glow.

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