Medical Products That Everyone Should Have at Home


No matter how close you live to the hospital or to your doctor’s office, it’s important that you are prepared for minor medical problems at your own home. Not only can this save you from having to pay expensive ambulance or hospital bills if you are able to take care of the medical issue on your own, but if you can monitor your symptoms, you will also be better able to explain to the medical staff what is going on. Taking control of your health is important, which is why every person needs to have these medical supplies on hand at all time in case of an emergency.


Unfortunately, most people only have small bandages or band-aids at their home, which are only useful if you have a minor cut or scrape. If you were to get seriously injured, either by chopping food in the kitchen or by falling a long way and cutting your leg, these small products will not do you a lot of good. It’s important to have bandages of various sizes on hand so that you can treat any wound that you may get.

In addition, be sure to pick up some gauze so that you can easily stem the flow of blood if your wound is deep. You do not want to use towels that you have laying around your home, as they will not be clean and may be harbouring dangerous bacteria. When you buy gauze from a medical supply store you can rest easy that it is perfectly safe to use on an open wound.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Some people use a blood pressure monitor every day to check their blood pressure so they can report any problems to their doctor, but it’s also important to have one in case of a medical emergency. Being able to take your blood pressure and give those numbers to the doctor or emergency worker who comes to your house can make a difference in the kind of medicine that they give you. If you do not have one yet, you can easily buy a genuine Omron blood pressure monitor in Malaysia.


Whether or not you have children, you need a high quality thermometer in your medical kit so you can keep track of a person’s temperature. When a person’s temperature gets too high, it is common for them to hallucinate and can even cause death, which is why you will want to monitor a person’s temperature when they are sick. Being able to report to a doctor the temperature someone has had for a while as well as how it was affected when they took medicine can make a difference in the type of medical care that they receive.

While you cannot plan for every medical emergency that may occur at your home, being prepared is important. When you include these items in your medical kit, you can be sure to offer the best possible medical care to whoever is sick or injured.

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