What do pregnancy centers do?


If you’ve recently found out that you’re pregnant and you’re unsure of what to expect, then consider visiting a pregnancy center. You’ll receive support throughout your pregnancy while having someone to talk to about any concerns that you have. You’ll also have someone who can answer questions about your pregnancy or who can refer you to an outside source if needed.

Most centers are non-profit organizations and are staffed by volunteers. The people who offer their time and services understand that a pregnancy might not always be planned. All information that is provided is kept confidential and is given in an accurate manner.

Most centers don’t charge a fee of any kind for the pregnancy resources that are given so that you can have the education that you need about everything from what to do if you choose not to keep your baby to what to expect in the delivery room.

Counselors can talk to you about the options that you have after finding out that you’re pregnant. They can discuss the details of adoption as well as other options that are available, supporting the decisions that you make without judging you for them. A free pregnancy test is usually offered if you suspect that you are pregnant but are not sure and don’t have the means to go to a doctor.

You can usually read several materials that are available and even take these items home with you so that you can read them on your own time. There are usually books that you can read along with magazines and pamphlets from outside resources, such as doctor’s offices and clinics.

Some centers offer support groups whether you decide to keep your baby or not so that you have someone to talk to who has been through a similar situation. Someone from the center can sit with you while you talk to the baby’s father or your family members about your pregnancy so that you’re not alone.

There are pregnancy centers that offer medical services if you’re unable to go to a doctor or clinic. A consultation with a medical provider is sometimes offered so that you can get medical information from a professional instead of only a counselor, especially if it’s your first pregnancy.

An ultrasound can sometimes be provided to check the health of your baby. Keep in mind that it will usually be a basic ultrasound to ensure that there is nothing glaringly wrong with you or your baby.

If there are any issues seen, then the center can often refer you to a doctor or the proper resource so that you can get the help that you need. Centers can usually test for sexually transmitted diseases as well.

Some centers offer baby supplies so that you’re prepared with basic items when your baby arrives. These items include diapers, baby wipes, various types of formula, and clothing. You might be able to enroll in an educational program that would mean earning more items each month if it’s offered by the center.

A pregnancy center usually has forms or information about community resources, such as food and nutrition services, medical insurance, and housing. Counselors can help with applications if they are needed and can often be a reference when you’re completing applications.

Centers are obligated to provide the best care possible that upholds the standards that are set forth by the state so that you are in a safe and secure environment each time you visit.

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