Can You Treat Alzheimer’s Disease with CBD Oil?


In the USA, among people above 65 years of age, almost 10 per cent of them are impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. It is really a cruel illness, that can disrupt our neural pathways that control our memory, speech and also our movement.

Often a patient may become aggressive or agitated without any good reason. Can we use full spectrum CBD for the treatment of this Alzheimer’s disease?

Since no other kind of treatment for this disease, many people are pinning their hope on CBD to achieve a better quality of their life.

Can you benefit from CBD oil for your Alzheimer’s disease?

Since at present, no cure is available for Alzheimer’s disease, medical researchers are trying to explore whether CBD oil can offer any breakthrough or not.

At present, the only treatment option available is by talking to the patient and the therapy is totally person-centered. This help can be provided to reduce anxiety, stress, and agitation.

In addition to that, few medications are often prescribed that can help in improving memory and cognition. However, all these medications have plenty of negative side-effects, which include appetite loss, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Most of these patients are in their ripe age and therefore all these problems can lead to very serious health complications.

Fortunately, CBD oil does not produce any of these side effects. This gives a little hope that CBD oil can be a viable option for treating some of the patients of the conventional type of Alzheimer’s disease.

Whether to really take CBD oil will totally be an individual choice and one should make this decision after doing full investigation about the patient’s present condition as well as doing good amount of research on CBD oil.

Gradually, many doctors are now updating themselves about the potential benefits that CBD oil can offer, and few of them are quite knowledgeable and can advise about the use of CBD oil as part of the treatment plan.

Those who are seriously considering trying CBD oil for their treatment, it is necessary that they should look for the right knowledgeable doctor first and then discuss with him after letting him know about various medicines that are already being used by him or her.

How you can use CBD oil for your Alzheimer’s disease?

As far as CBD is concerned, it is available in a number of forms e.g. drops, edibles, gummies, and inhalants. However, most of the patients of Alzheimer’s disease prefer to consume CBD oil for their treatment in capsule form.

It is quite easy and convenient to combine a daily capsule along with other medications that patients are already taking so that it will not be easily forgotten. Also, people with a limited amount of mobility can take capsules as it is easy to consume.

About what dose to be taken, it is a little tricky to decide. Therefore, discuss with the doctor, who will also recommend you which product you must buy and how much to consume based on your condition.

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