6 Common Types of Chiropractic Treatments


Founded as far back as 1985, the chiropractic profession has been the ultimate solution for improving muscle and joint function and relieving pain along the spine. While there’s little scientific evidence indicating how safe and effective this treatment method is, there are countless positive feedbacks and reviews from patients who’ve benefited, proving that chiropractic techniques do work.

To shed more light on this important practice, here are 6 common types of chiropractic treatments you should know about.

1.Gonstead Technique

In this technique, the chiropractor uses their hands to put pressure or adjust the joints around your lower back or the pelvis. The patient is asked to lie on their side first. The chiropractor then feels around in the affected area to try and point exactly where the problem lies. Thereafter, he or she uses the Gonstead technique to alleviate stiffness, enhance mobility, reduce pain and realign joints.

This is one of the most commonly practiced techniques in almost all chiropractic centers. The treatment is applied for patients with minor pain and discomfort especially in areas around their lower back. But the Gonstead technique can also be used in combination with other techniques to address more serious spinal problems.

2.Flexion-Distraction Treatment

This treatment technique needs a higher level of expertise. It is practiced in at least half of all chiropractic treatment centers. Also known as the Decompression Manipulation technique or the Cox technique, this type of treatment is ideal for treating issues such as scoliosis, disc hernia, and facet joint pain among numerous other problems.

The patient is asked to lie on a specially designed table made specifically for chiropractic treatment. The patients should lie on their stomach, with their face downwards. The chiropractor then gently applies slight pressure on the concern areas using stretching motions to try and alleviate pain or relax the nerves.

3.Activator Treatment Technique

The use of hands is complemented with a special handheld instrument used for adjusting. The instrument is used to help put pressure and deliver impulse along the spine or other areas of focus. To the patient, it may feel like someone is gently thumping on your back or joints.

This is the go-to type of treatment for people experiencing headaches or migraines or lower back pain. The treatment is not uncomfortable to the patient because very little force is involved. It is ideal for everyone but particularly reserved for seniors.

4.Drop-Table Treatment

Also known as the Thompson technique, the drop table chiropractic treatment is quite unique. The patient is required to lie on a specially designed padded table that drops slightly each time the chiropractor thrusts or applies sudden force in a bid to make an adjustment.

To the patient, the dropping movement may feel like a light vibration which goes to enhance their level of comfort during their treatment. This method works well for patients who owing to an accident, poor posture, or old age may end up struggling with extreme joint issues or spine complications.

5.Diversified Treatment Technique

Another type of chiropractic treatment used in addressing serious spine and joint issues, the Diversified Technique is quite similar to the Gonstead technique. The chiropractor uses their hands to place force or thrusts to help restore normalcy along the spine and its other extremities.

After a few sessions of receiving diversified treatment, most patients report that they can move better, feel less stiffness and more flexible.

6.Gratson Treatment Technique

While the above treatment techniques are more focused on helping with joint and spinal realignment, Gratson technique is focused on treating connective tissue and muscle issues. There are up to six different types of handheld stainless steel instruments that can be used in this technique. The instruments feature various shapes and sizes and enable a chiropractor to rub the muscles as a means of detecting tendon irregularities and treat muscle adhesions.

It is advisable that you seek a credible and reliable professional when in need of chiropractic treatment. As you can imagine, the spine is a very delicate part of your body, and one minor mistake from an inexperienced chiropractor may leave you nursing serious pain, health issues, and even permanent damage. Above are 6 common types of chiropractic treatments you will find in most chiropractic facilities.

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