41,000 Corona Patients a Day in France


In France, the second wave of corona intensified, with more than 41,000 new cases emerging in a single day, bringing the total number of patients to 999,000.


In the UK, 189 more people died from corona and more than 81,000 new cases were reported. Experts say the number of original cases of corona in England alone is up to 90,000 a day.


 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acknowledged that the process of testing and tracking suspects needs to be improved.


 In India, the severity of corona has decreased, but in the United States, the severity of corona remains the same, while in Spain, more than 20,000 new patients have emerged.


 Corona victim Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Williams has been transferred to the intensive care unit due to ill health, while Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s second Corona test also came positive.

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