3 Great Benefits Of IPL Hair Removal


In todays world, hair on the body is not popular, and many of us are trying to find ways to remove it from our bodies. In the past, hair on the body had a function, but as we have progressed and our bodies have changed, body hair doesn’t really serve any purpose anymore. Now, when we want to head off to the beach or fancy working out at the gym for an hour or two, we want to look good doing it and unsightly hair poking out, is not attractive in any way. Thankfully, there is a solution and it comes in the form of IPL, which stands for intense pulse light.

You can now end the age of unwanted hair by using this method, and it is an excellent solution for permanent hair removal in Perth, as it can be used on the body and the face. The treatment itself, is quite pain free, and when completed, does not require you to take any time off work and it doesn’t slow you down, when you are going about your normal day. The procedure itself offers many advantages and we will go over some of them today in this article.

  1. Great Results – The IPL treatment method really does get to the ‘root of the problem’ because it targets the actual pigment and thus rids you of the hair follicle, completely. As you probably know, your hair grows slowly and in individual stages, but once the treatment has cancelled out the stage of growth, the hair no longer grows and so you no longer need to deal with it. Once you begin this very effective treatment and you do it more and more, then you will begin to see less and less hair growth over the coming months and years.

  1. Painless – A lot of people still go the waxing way and this method is quite expensive over the long term and it is messy and time consuming. You will read on the packages that it is pain free, but for those of us that have tried this method, it is anything but pain free. It is also very difficult to get to some areas of our bodies using waxing, as we can’t reach them. IPL removes all these difficulties and it’s a much safer, pain free and effective method.

  1. No Razor Burn – Another option to rid yourself of unsightly hair is to use a regular razor. Just soap up the area and shave away. However, as most men will tell you, shaving isn’t always pained free due to what is termed as ‘razor burn.’ If the blade is a little blunt or you haven’t bathed the area sufficiently to soften up the hair, then you experience a redness and a burning sensation, that is not pleasant at all. IPL once again does not have these effects and it offers you a pleasant sensation that delivers a very smooth result, and with very silky skin.

The next time you want to get rid of your facial or body hair, inquire about the IPL treatment. You won’t be disappointed.

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