Which Care Home in Waltham Abbey Has the Best Staff?


Finding a care home with the best staff can seem like an impossible task at times as they may not have the specialist care that is required for your loved one. However, you can get this care without having to compromise on a friendly atmosphere. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into which care home in Waltham Abbey has the best staff. 

Paternoster House 

Rated by the CQC with a good rating, this is a specialist care home in Altham Abbey that have specially trained staff for dementia, mental disabilities nursing, and personal care that your loved one may need. They also specialize in injuries and disorders for adults under or over the age of 65 this covering a broad range of different options. With a total of 108 beds with en-suite rooms, this is a care home that can provide your family with everything that they need. 

Ashbrooke Court Care Home

If you are looking for a care home in Waltham Abbey that is known for its staff than look no further than Ashbrooke care home. If you are looking for exceptional care with no exceptions, you can do no better. With friendly management and staff on hand at all hours a day not only for your loved ones but for the family, this is a care home that eases the stress for everyone. With outstanding facilities as well as training in specialist care for a wide range of disabilities, they are on hand to give you peace of mind with a friendly smile. 

Tallis House 

When dealing with dementia as a family, it can take its toll and have an impact on not only the family member suffering from it but those around them. This is where Tallis’s house comes in. This 101-bed care home is on hand to take the stress of the family and provide all the care you could need for your family member. It has an en-suite in every room and entertainment for your loved one to enjoy, they will settle with ease and be met with helpful staff on a daily basis. 

Honey Lane Care Home 

With plenty of amazing activities organized by the staff and constant care around the clock, Honey Lane care home is yet another home that provides the best level of care. With emotional support as well as care for each of the residents as well as a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, this is the perfect welcoming atmosphere for many families that have loved ones staying here. Whether they are suffering from dementia or have a physical disability, the team are expertly trained and fully equipped to help you in any way that they can use the state-of-the-art technology on hand. 

With this in mind, there are several care homes available to you at this time to aid you in making the best choice for your family members regardless of the condition that they have. Which of these care homes will you be opting for?

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