What Is A Kidney Diet? Is It Effective?


If you have a chronic (long-lasting) kidney disease or limited kidney function, your doctor may suggest a kidney diet (renal diet). It is important to watch what you eat and drink because your diseased kidneys would be unable to excrete waste products efficiently. A kidney diet is usually low in three main nutrients namely- sodium, phosphorus, and potassium. This may not heal your diseased kidneys, but it can help make them healthier.  kidney diet Memorial Hermann Cypress involves a comprehensive diet plan that would protect your kidneys and overall health through nutrition. 

What is a Kidney Diet?

A kidney diet is a specialised diet that is low in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. When your kidneys are damaged they may fail to perform their normal excretory functions of filtering out unused chemicals and minerals from your blood. The inability to clean your blood may exert excess strain or load on these vital organs. Thus to overcome this issue your doctor may recommend a special renal diet to protect your kidneys from further damage. 

What Does a Kidney Diet Include?

You may need to alter your diet if you suffer from chronic kidney disease or dysfunction. Your doctor may design a kidney diet for you that includes:

  1. Carbohydrates
    1. Carbohydrates are your body’s crucial energy source that provides fuel to your body. 
    2. It aids in smooth autonomic functions like breathing, digestion, and energy for physical activities. 
    3. Include carbohydrates like fresh fruits and vegetables along with whole grains. 
  2. Protein
    1. Proteins are essential to help build muscle mass, repair tissues, and produce antibodies to prevent debilitating diseases. 
    2. But you must reduce the amount of proteins in your diet if you have end-stage kidney disease and your kidneys cannot excrete protein waste efficiently. 
  3. Fats
    1. The main role of fats in your body is to make hormones and transport vitamins and other nutrients. 
    2. However, the fat intake should be managed carefully since excess fat in your body can lead to weight gain, high BP, and increased cholesterol. 

Is a Kidney Diet Effective?

A kidney diet is essential if you suffer from kidney disease since it can slow down the damage to your kidneys. It also aids in your overall well-being. A kidney diet helps to avoid over-taxing them and prevents further deterioration. It reduces your risk of high BP, edema, fluid overload, and other life-threatening complications. 


A kidney diet is one which is carefully planned by your doctor if you are suffering from kidney disease. It helps protect them and prevents further damage. This must include carbohydrates, with low-salt, low-potassium, and low-phosphorus foods. A kidney-friendly diet is essential to protect your health and help your body function properly. 

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