What Are the Benefits of Beta-Alanine?


If you are a fitness enthusiast or serious athlete trying to gear up for competition, it is important to note that you can attain goals through hard work. Your willingness to do extra sets, reps, or workouts is what often separates overachievers.

But what if you are told there is something, which can support increased work volume so that you can get extra rep? Would you consider it?

Beta-alanine could be the solution you are looking for. It is exploding in popularity as one of the performance ingredients, thanks to its capability to deal with muscle fatigue.

What Beta-Alanine Is

Beta-alanine refers to a non-essential amino acid. Many amino acids serve as proteins’ building blocks. However, beta-alanine is often used to produce other chemicals in your body.

Since your body can make beta-alanine, you don’t need to consume it in the food. It is part of carnosine, as well as other chemicals, which may affect muscle performance and size.

How It Works

Beta-alanine has been researched well, and it’s used by different individuals, not just athletes. It improves gym performance, but it as well stands out because of its capability to boost physical endurance for an extended period.

Most sports require your muscles to fire longer. Supplementing with beta-alanine can help diverse many athletes. Some of the sports that beta-alanine aids in performance include:

  • Cycling in women and men
  • Weight lifting
  • Wrestling
  • Rowing
  • Football
  • Running


Beta-alanine has many benefits, which have been studied extensively for years, thanks to stringent quality control and scientific research that CarnoSyn® conducted.

Because of beta-alanine benefits, most athletes use it to boost physical performance among elderly adults. Other proven benefits of beta-alanine include the following:

1. Boost Athletic Performance and Strength

Since beta-alanine supplements increase the levels of carnosine, they can improve your athletic performance by boosting performance and decreasing fatigue during a high-intensity workout. Some of the benefits associated with performance and strength include:

  • Reduces exhaustion
  • Increased mass strength and mass
  • Improvement in high-intensity exercise

2. Build Lean Muscle Mass

By simply minimizing exhaustion time, you can get into more difficult and longer workouts. For that reason, your goals can be much easier to attain, especially if you pair high-quality pre-workout protein supplements and beta-alanine. Frog Fuel Ultra liquid protein shots are a perfect example of a pre-workout protein supplement you can consider.

3. Improve Endurance

During aerobic exercises, your body doesn’t produce the same quantity of lactate. So, that means carnosine won’t be used as a buffer.

But there are other ways where increased carnosine levels can help to avoid fatigue in a workout lasting longer. For instance, some evidence proves that supplementing with beta-alanine, combined with a high-intensity training program, may help to improve training adaptations and improve your exercise endurance.

In a Nutshell

Supplementing with beta-alanine can improve your athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue and increasing exercise capacity. In addition, beta-alanine contains antioxidants, which is anti-aging and immune-enhancing properties.

You may get beta-alanine from any food containing carnosine or by taking supplements. Experts recommend a dosage of 3-5 grams every day.

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