What are HCFSE Diamonds?


One of the rarest and most expensive treats are HCFSE Diamonds, also known as THCA Diamonds. If you live in a legalized area, the likeliness is you have heard of it. However, if you’re here, you want to find out more about this unique crystalline form of cannabis.

THC Diamonds, What are They?

The THCA is a natural root and needs heat to turn it into THC molecules you smoke or vaporize instead of eating it. The THCA can help relieve pain, stress and yet not leave you with a stoned sensation. On the other hand, THCA has a chemical chain of carboxylic acid that disappears when it turns into THC when adding heat, leaving an oily substance and can shatter when hard.

For this reason, THCA can be turned into solids and melts when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, you can distill it to make it pure, and the average diamond has over 99% THCA. To make it the THCA, you need to gather it from the fresh cannabis plant.

The plant they flash freeze before processing it through low-heat with high-pressure extraction methods. Doing this helps to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes available in the bud not dried or cured.  If you buy live resin concentrates, you notice a separation-taking place inside the jar coming forth as tiny crystals.

The reason is that it’s due to the THCA structure. It naturally bonds to itself, leading to live resin one needs to stir or mix. People refer to it as sugar, and the THC Diamonds you find for sale are formed in a process referred to as diamond mining.

The process is a low-temperature solvent-based extraction and moved to chemical treatments to strip the plant materials. After adding different solvents with the evaporation procedures, they place it in a sealed vacuum environment for a couple of weeks.

It is here where the THC crystals separate from the terpene to grow into crystalline. Once ready, they place it in packages to sell as is, or they mix it back in with the terpene-extracted known as the sauce.

Will it Get You High?

Yes, as it’s made from uncured cannabis, not decarbed or activated. You cannot use it in edibles or tinctures. The only thing that separates the THC from the THCA is heat when you smoke or dab an HCFSE Diamond. However, it does not mean it will give you the high you are looking for. Using THC on its own will get you stoned, but it depends on the different strains you use.

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