Top 5 Healing Vetiver Benefits For Skin


We know finding the right skincare can be tricky and borderline overwhelming. While a number of over-the-counter treatments with its hard to pronounce ingredient list are finding a way in our cabinets, do you know what works the best for our skin? Natural skincare ingredients.

Using natural ingredients while building a skincare essential means creating a safe shield for your face without any harsh chemicals. So shift your search from the bathroom cabinet to your kitchen cabinet to find the best of organic skincare essentials. With 100s of organic ingredients for our skin, you may want to use vetiver too. A lesser known herb, vetiver is a miraculous elixis in the skincare realm with heaps of benefits you just cannot miss out on.

Popularly known as khus, vetiver is a versatile ingredient that treats a vast range of problems from insomnia to dull skin. Extracted from a perennial grass called Vetiveria zizanioides, khus oil has a refreshing, earthy, and sweet smell with a cooling effect on your body.

With that said, let us dig deep into the goodness of vetiver. Here are the top 5 vetiver benefits for skin:

Moisturises and hydrates your skin:

Well- moisturised skin prevents dry patches on your skin. Vetiver has an amazing quality of retaining water because of its high water holding capacity. Using vetiver will leave your skin hydrated and moisturised without making it greasy. Use moisturising cream or body lotion with vetiver as its active ingredient to get the most from its goodness.

Treats acne effectively:

Filled with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, vetiver is one of the best natural remedies to treat acne, blisters and other germ-causing skin irritation. Using vetiver on a regular basis protects your skin from any pimple-causing germs.

Minimises signs of ageing:

Rich in antioxidants, vetiver detoxes your skin from any toxins and free radicals that cause fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Vetiver protects your skin from dust, pollution and also sagging.

Diminishes acne scars:

If there is anything worse than acne, it has to be acne scars. While you may be able to deal with a pimple now and then, it gets hard to tackle the scars it leaves behind for days or even months. But do not fret! Vetiver speeds up your skin cell regeneration and promotes healthy growth of new skin tissues. This diminishes any scars, pimple marks, stretch marks, or marks due to cuts and gives you glowing spotless skin.

Balances skin’s pH level and evens skin tone:

Due to constant exposure to sun, harsh weather changes, pollution, or even hormonal changes, our skin’s natural pH level is constantly fluctuated. When your skin’s pH level isn’t optimal, your skin turns itchy, flaky, and dehydrated. Vetiver is vital in restoring the natural pH level of your skin as it protects your skin from bacteria or allergens. With this, vetiver easily evens out any form of discoloured skin patch and reduces any acne and pimple scars. Since it enhances skin’s regeneration process, the growth of new tissue evens out your skin tone.

Many skincare brands are actively indulging in the goodness of vetiver and you may find it in the form of creams, lotions, toner, body mist etc. If you are looking for a brand that uses all natural and organic ingredients in their skincare, we recommend you to lay your hands on Coco Soul. The hand and nail cream by Coco Soul is infused with vetiver, virgin coconut oil, and Indian rose chestnut to give you soft supple and moisturised hands.

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