Tips for Taking Care of Your Mobility Scooter


Mobility scooters are perfect for anyone who suffers from limited movement. They help older adults get around and they are an invaluable aid to anyone who suffers with an illness or injury that restricts walking. If you are about to invest in a mobility scooter or you’ve just bought one, you’ll want to it to last. The only way to ensure longevity is to maintain the scooter and schedule regular servicing. If anything goes wrong with your product and you need mobility scooter repair in Stockport, there several professional technicians in the area who can help. Mobility shops supply and repair all kinds of products, including:

  • Scooters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Powerchairs
  • Recliner chairs
  • Walking aids

You should service your scooter at least once a year at an authorised mobility scooter service centre. In between services, you can also take care of the scooter by following these tips.

Battery – Keep it charged, so you don’t run out on a long journey. Charge batteries regularly, even if you don’t use them that often. Only use charges which have been supplied by the scooter manufacturer.

Cleaning – It is important to keep the scooter clean and dry, if it is exposed to the element, it will deteriorate. Dirt, dust and grime will find a way to damage components, so keep it clean and well-maintained.

Tyres – Your tyres are an important component of your scooter, so that good care of them. When you bring it in for a yearly inspection, a technician will check the pressure of your tyres.

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