The Natural Ways of THC Detoxing


Today, there are individuals, whose social lifestyle is quite different. Before teens are contented hanging around together, eating and watching movies. While young adults used to hang out in bars for entertainment and to get drunk as well. These still happen, anyway, but they have learned to smoke marijuana nowadays, too. The thing is, these people do not seem to care about the effects of marijuana. They don’t even mind at all how crazy they would be. The only thing they can think of, is to smoke it just like a tobacco cigarette.

These individuals know what marijuana is, but they ignore the fact that it won’t always do good. What if the time comes when you need to go for a drug test in the company you are working for? How will you then manage it? You cannot get a positive drug test result to keep your job, right? So, you have to stop smoking weed and learn how to flush the toxic substances in your body. This process may take time, depending on how frequent you smoke. You need to be very careful because drug testing for employers is very important since they want to hire people or make sure that the ones they hired will not be a liability in the future.

If you care about your life and your job, then you have to start the natural way of detoxing THC from your body. It would be ideal to treat yourself naturally because your smoking has changed your lifestyle, eating habits and body system. Bringing back everything to normal is not instant. You have to pass through a long process, too. So, you have to help yourself and do things naturally.


When you are detoxing, it means that there is a need for you to abstain from taking THC substances, so that you can clean your body. I know this won’t be very easy for you because this may lead to unpleasant feeling. You may experience headaches, lessened appetite, insomnia, anxiety, depression and irritability. But you have to be more patient for the purpose of passing a drug test.

I know that turning away from cannabis is really difficult because it has been a part of your social lifestyle. You just need to discipline yourself. You may start by throwing everything away – anything that has something to do with your smoking. Doing this is a good sign that you are determined to abstain from taking THC substances.


Get up and start moving because you need to sweat. Again, the THC uses your fat cells as a storage in your body. If you have more fat, then this means that the process of detoxing will take longer. Now, if you have gym equipment at home, then good because you can have more time to exercise.

If possible, you have to do more on the cardio as well as trainings on how you can lose weight. It is very important for you to burn the fats, so that you can get the THC out of the storage. If you need to go to the gym, then you have to talk to the instructor and ask about a program that you may enroll in. A daily and regular exercise is very important to your natural detox because this will help your body lessen the amount of cannabinoids in the body.

Drinking Water

Water is a universal solvent that would play a very important role in the detoxing process. This will help in dissolving and flushing away THC. I know that you would love to do everything to speed up the process of cleansing. But too much water will not be helpful. Just drink normally to keep hydrated.

Keeping your body hydrated will not only help your body system to function well. It is also a good way to help kick out different toxins in the body. Drinking water will be good in assisting you go through the detox process.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

Since you need to lose excess weight and burn fats in the body. You should not allow yourself to eat fatty foods. Make sure that you are going to prep and eat healthy and nutritious foods only. Why don’t you have some lean meats, fruits and vegetables, especially the leafy greens? Green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach are rich in iron and vitamins. Therefore, it will increase the metabolism.

It would be ideal for you to incorporate healthy fiber foods, too in your diet. Beans, peanuts and legumes to name a few will also benefit you during the detox process. So, it is advisable to count this in.

If possible you have to avoid foods that are rich in sugar, fat and sodium. You also need to avoid junk foods as well as red meat because this would slow down your metabolism. Aside from that, it also holds water in the body. If that happens, then how can you flush the THC substance, right?

Drinking Tea

Sometimes, it is tiring to just drink water alone. You may feel bored with water. So, why don’t you also drink some tea like milk thistle and dandelion? It is also good in cleansing your liver. It is also not advisable to drink much. So, you still need to drink plenty of water.

This would be a very simple drink to you. But this tea comes with a high level of antioxidant.Check this out for more facts and info regarding antioxidants.


Abstaining from smoking weed may lead you to depression and anxiety. But you cannot let your mental health suffer from this detox process. You also need to take care of it. The simplest way is to go to yoga classes. This activity will help you meditate and stabilize your mood. Keep in mind that you are doing this to lessen stress.

Some of you may even feel worse after abstaining. If this is your condition, then you have to talk to an expert for a therapy. When you are under the detox process, you have to be kind and patient with yourself. Remember that this is not a kind of punishment or threat. But it is a special treat that you are giving to yourself.

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