Symptoms that bothers in pregnancy


Pregnancy do brings a lot of happiness, but at the same time when one is pregnant a lot of physical and mental changes happen to the body.

Pregnancy means it will show up with a lot of symptoms and some of them are definitely annoying pregnancy symptoms. Here are some that can happen when one is pregnant:

Larger Feet

Well, when one is pregnant, weight gain is something which is very obvious. This is because of the relaxin hormone but again it can lead the loosening of the ligaments of the feet and then the bones present there tend to spread. As a result, one gets larger feet when they are pregnant. It sometimes do help to wear some supportive shoes during pregnancy and also wearing them does not encourage the bones to spread too much. But it is also true that not all women experience this symptom when they are pregnant.

Nosebleeds and Bleeding Gums

The extra amount of blood that is produced during pregnancy can put some more pressure to the blood vessels. As a result, the tiny vessels are tend to more ruptures. So when one is pregnant, they tend to have a bloody nose often. One may also start seeing redness when they brush their teeth. This is because; pregnancy hormones can also cause the gums to be more sensitive and then make it prone to bleeding and inflammation. This is also known as pregnancy gingivitis and it may not be a very huge matter of concern if one follows a proper dental hygiene routine every day. One can also take help of a dentist if needed.

Changes in Vision and Dry Eyes

When there is a change of hormones there can also be some psychological changes as well and during pregnancy, it can affect the eye sight. Some women thus experience super dry eyes when they are pregnant but then this also goes back to normal once the baby is delivered. So there is no need to go for a corrective surgery in these cases.

Extra Hairiness

When one is pregnant then few women do grow some extra hair. Also there is some added volumes to their hair and also they become very thick. One may feel happy with a head full of luscious hair but this hair growth happens in other parts of the body as well. This is because; during pregnancy, the hair on the body tends to grow faster and this is all because of the androgen hormone release. One can always pluck that extra hair or can get it waxed if they can do it carefully.

Extra Sweatiness

Due to increase of hormone levels in pregnancy, there are some extra blood flowing in the body and this increases the body temperature as a result. So the there is a tremendous release of sweats from the body in order to keep the body temperature down.

These are some annoying pregnancy symptoms which one might face during this tenure but all of them goes away when the baby is born.

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