Surrogacy Agencies: Where Is The Assurance Of Quality?


Infertility appears with a decrease in reproductive capacity in one or both sexual partners.

Surrogacy as a type of infertility treatment pursues the main goal – to make your parental happiness possible.

Let’s discover the main features that can be a signal of infertility. 

There is a real justification to address the professional in case of following factors:

The main pathognomonic symptom is not identified. There can be a range of factors that merge in a final diagnosis.

Possible signals of infertility in women can be

  • Menstrual cycle violation (as a display of hormonal system disruption and lack of ovulation)
  • Ovarian reserve problems (and its low supply)
  • Ovaries, thyroid and adrenal glands diseases and corresponding symptoms
  • Hirsutism (increased hair growth on a male pattern which reflects disturbances in the hormonal background)
  • Unwarranted body weight changes (violation of estrogens and androgens ratio)

Possible signals of infertility in men can be

  • Low sperm motility (which can show an inability to fertilize an egg)
  • Ejaculate problems (small amount or lack of it)
  • Vas deferens narrowing
  • Physiological disorders (undescended testicle, for example)
  • Age factor (so as reproductive function decreases with age)

Please, pay your special attention that infertility can proceed asymptomatically so annual medical checkup can assure your perfect health state.

Every check up is an essential and responsible process, so you need to rely on real professionals – ADONIS Fertility International will help you to organize everything even from overseas to receive highly protective service in Kyiv, Ukraine.

ADONIS Surrogacy services 

From the range of Surrogacy agencies there are a lot of propositions with no quality assurance.

ADONIS Fertility International is an International Department (located in the USA) of ADONIS Medical Group which has already worked for 23 years in the medical sphere.

We are proud of ADONIS solid reputation and only highly respectable staff selection.

ADONIS Fertility International provides Surrogacy treatment with following services included into the package:

. Proven Surrogate selection 

ADONIS makes the selection of Surrogates beforehand, so you will have the opportunity to choose the best fitting variant and begin the treatment immediately.

. Safe processes

Safety for our patients and their families is our main guideline. We undergo all Ukrainian Ministry of Health requirements and European standards. With the latest equipment in ADONIS laboratory and medical premises we ensure the control of every process we do – from Surrogate examination to child follow-up.

. Professional guideline

All the medical processes are carried out only after thorough examination of both partners and Surrogate. Your personal doctor creates an individual treatment plan which will help to reach the best results just for you!

In contrast to many countries where Surrogacy infertility treatment is prohibited and unlawful – Surrogacy In Ukraine is legal and regulated by authorities.

ADONIS Ukraine has the best surrounding for Surrogacy with loyalty and understanding to patients.

In addition to great medical help, we provide non-medical support, which include:

  • Legal Department services to help you with documentation and its regulation.
  • Translation services for marriage/birth certificates, contracts, etc.
  •  Transportation and Transfer services to the destination point.
  • Accommodation services to help you feel at home.
  •  Excursions and activities services for a good time being.

Please, pay your attention, that ADONIS Fertility International is an International Department of ADONIS Medical Group in the USA. Our services are aimed to make your life easier when you’re getting closer to a happy life.

All additional information you can discover via ADONIS qualifies managers – just fill in the form, and we will reach you.

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