Simple Home Workout Routine To Stay Healthy In Lockdown


The pandemic and the lockdown have given a lot of inconveniences to the people. These issues are not only related to economics but also with the mental and physical health of the person. Mental health gets affected because the person cannot move and explore different places or people. While their physical health gets affected because they have to sit idle at home. These reasons often question the struggle of the person with daily life at home. So, the best way will be to adopt a method for staying healthy even at home. The simple home workout routine mentioned here can boost the energy and morale of the person.

Simple Home Workout Routine

The workout routine may vary with the variation in the experience of the person. The basics of the simple home workouts routines will remain the same. The gym trainers often focus on breathing variations. The variation in the breathing and heart rate will help in burning calories. So, the simple workout routine will comprise these steps.

  •         Warm-up is the mother of workouts and without it, there are chances of severe injury. So, the basic routine will start with warm-up exercises where the person will focus on stretching every limb of their body.
  •         Post-warm-up, they can start their routine. The first exercise will be related to an increase in the heart rate. They can opt for high knees, jumping jacks, and step-ups, or cross leg jumping. The number of reps will depend on the experience of the practitioner.
  •         It is necessary to take breaks between sets to normalize the heart rate. After boosting the heart rate, the focus needs to be on improving strength. So, you can take up squats, pushups, or lunges to improve the strength of the body.
  •         The body will get a bit calmer after the strength exercises and it would be beneficial to strike up the heart rate again. So, that can be accomplished by any jumping exercises.
  •         After taking a break, when the heart rate is high, you can try for strength as well as stamina. The stamina can be boosted by some posture holding exercises such as wall sit, Butt Bridge, or plank.
  •         The routine will end with cool-down exercises which can include breathing or some yoga asana.

Everyday Routine

The body gets used to the routine very easily and that might vary the results. So, the best will be to try different combinations of exercises.

  •         Altering the above simple home workout routine with cardio can help in boosting the weight loss of the person.
  •         The cardio exercises can also be performed at home without a treadmill. The basics exercises will include climbing stairs or skipping.
  •         Thus, the alteration in the routine will help you in feeling energized and it will also work wonders on the body.

Thus, the lockdown should not affect your health and so you need to incorporate these workouts in your life. Immunity is very important to fight with the pandemic and staying fit can help in boosting the immunity system.

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