Shampoo for treating scalp fungal and yeast infections


The most common hair issue faced by women today is the worry of dandruff. Dandruff is the sign of small, scaly specks originate at the root tip of the hair specifically at the base. A common misunderstanding that dandruff is initiated by dryness but actually, it is typically due to an overgrowth of not hurtful yeast. In some people, the yeast starts to nourish on the surplus oil and dead skin cells on the scalp that causes the skin cells to shack more often and cluster into scales.

There may be few other reasons for the buildup of dandruff.

  • Down with poor diet,
  • Stomach infection
  • A lower proportion of metabolism with other diseases.
  • Stressful life
  • Work pressure and tension

Dandruff makes the scalp feel scratchy and whereas one scratches the scalp to get rid of the scratchiness, the itching effect weakens the roots and the result is hair fall.

Ketomac shampoo is typically used for the inhibition and management of dandruff. It helps to control flaking, scaling, itching, dandruff and correspondingly helps to get rid of inflammation due to dandruff. Ketoconazole dandruff shampoo India is very well known in treating scalp issues.

This shampoo is packed in a transparent bottle which is easy to observe the quantity of the product. The cap is mostly a flip top that helps in easy supply of the shampoo. The complete lid can be detached too to use the last droplet of the shampoo. It has a light brownish-orange colour with a liquidly uniformity. There is a manual leaflet for instructions and information inside the box. The smell is very light and fresh of a lemon which doesn’t stay in the hair for an extended time.Ketoconazole is an azole antifungal that functions by stopping the evolution of fungus. Ketoconazole helps by inhibiting the development of fungal cell barriers, thereby bring to an end fungal growth.

Due to its fluid uniformity, you may use more than prerequisite quantity so one should be cautious while taking the shampoo out of the bottle. It is not a daily routine shampoo so it has to be used carefully and thus one bottle would be sufficient that lasts a few months.

Ketomac shampoo works by snooping with the combination of ergosterol, a key element of fungal cell skins, thus weakening it. The damaged cell skin lets the matters of the fungal cell to come out causing its death. This shampoo helps to relieve irritation due to itchy and scaly dandruff. It may similarly be used for other situations as directed by the physician.It is vital to use such anti-dandruff shampoos during winters to get free from dandruff and irritating that it carries laterally.

Once you start using up this anti-dandruff shampoo it can last up to the onset of winters. Whether your hair is oily heavily or lightly, this shampoo washes scalp appropriately in only one wash. After the first wash, the scalp will be free from dandruff and flakiness. And more it takes care of itchiness and irritation of the head skin from the first use itself

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