Services Offered by Obstetrician-Gynecologists


Obstetrician-gynecologists (OBGYNs) are medical professionals that focus on women’s health. Obstetricians offer prenatal and postnatal care and assist during labor and childbirth, while gynecologists focus on issues affecting the female reproductive system. Your obstetrician takes care of you from conception until child delivery. Gynecologists have advanced training in diagnosing and treating female reproductive system disorders, breast issues, and the natural effects of aging. An OBGYN Charleston practitioner can specialize in obstetric or gynecological services or perform both. Sometimes your OBGYN can offer services similar to your primary care doctor. OBGYNs offer many health services, including:

OBGYN offers prenatal care

Your obstetrician is the first healthcare provider you should visit when you conceive. The obstetrician monitors you throughout your pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are healthy and safe. Prenatal care involves regular visits that involve various checkups and tests like blood screening, imaging tests, and physical examination. The checkups help monitor your health and your baby’s growth, reducing risks of complications. During prenatal care, your obstetrician educates you on things you should avoid including certain medications, dietary supplements, alcohol, tobacco products, and hard drugs.

The providers help you during labor and delivery

Your OBGYN assists you during labor and delivery. Usually, if you have a normal delivery, you will be assisted by midwives, but your OBGYN is always available to manage any complications. OBGYNs perform cesarean sections. After birth, your OBGYN will monitor you and your child to ensure you have no health issues before leaving your medical facility. The provider will schedule an appointment at around six weeks for further monitoring.

OBGYNs offers postnatal care

Your obstetrician may schedule an appointment at two or six weeks, depending on your health status. During the visit, the specialist may do a pelvic and breast exam, check your uterus to see if it has returned to its pre-pregnancy size, and discuss bleeding and other issues you may have encountered after childbirth. Ensure you talk to your obstetrician about postpartum depression or anxiety. During the appointment, the obstetrician will also determine if you can resume daily activities and discuss birth control methods and future pregnancies.

OBGYNs address women’s health issues

Gynecologists attend to all conditions involving reproductive health. Your gynecologist can perform sexually transmitted disease tests, Pap smears, breast cancer screening, pelvic examinations, and endometriosis evaluation. Gynecologists recommend annual visits to monitor your reproductive health. During the visits, the providers check your overall reproductive health to help detect potential and existing conditions and offer the best treatment. Gynecologists treat all reproductive disorders, including abnormal bleeding, endometriosis, fibroids, and sexually transmitted diseases.

OBGYNs educate women on reproductive health

Your OBGYN can diagnose and treat reproductive system disorders. OBGYNs can educate you on birth control methods, infertility issues, and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. The providers can also help you manage your menopausal symptoms. You can talk to your gynecologist if you have an abnormal symptom from your reproductive system for treatment and management.

OBGYNs offer prenatal and postnatal care, assist during labor and delivery, educate women on reproductive issues, and diagnose and treat reproductive system disorders. Schedule an appointment with Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc. for obstetrics and gynecological services from qualified and experienced medical professionals.

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