Same Day Doctor Services: 6 Myths Debunked


Looking forward to making the same day doctor appointments but unsure about this service? Scroll down the page and root out the 6 common myths about the private healthcare industry.

Here, we go!!

1.Limited Services

The first and foremost myth about private GP is that they offer a limited number of services. However, this is not true at all. Private healthcare offers almost all medical facilities to their clients, be it consultations, testing, medical health advice, or anything in between.

From diet plans, blood tests to sexual health, and skin problems, they address all your medical concerns effectively. So, wait no more and make same day doctor appointment right away to get better and faster results.


The second-most myth about the private healthcare sector is that they are highly expensive and their fees will definitely shake your financial budget. But this is just a myth as the reality is far away from the same.

Private GP services will charge you a little extra but the quality and number of services they offer are worth spending for. Moreover, they also offer deals and discounts on some of their services which make it affordable beyond imagination. One can also go for a long-term package and commitment to cut out the extra charges.

All and all, these services are value for money and their quality will never disappoint you in any way.

3.Hidden Charges

There is a misconception about same day doctor appointments that they charge hidden fees to cover up their overall cost but this is not at all true. Their treatment packages include everything, right from the pre-testing assessment to follow-up outpatient aftercare under one all-inclusive price. They will never charge you anything apart from the package fee.

4.Not Efficient

One of the most common myths about the private healthcare sector is that they are not that much efficient and don’t have much knowledge. However, the truth is the exact contrary.

Private GPs have access to the industry’s leading specialists and diagnosis experts. Moreover, the turnaround time of their test results is way quicker than the standard healthcare services. They believe in offering personalized bespoke treatment to enhance the personal experience and the quality of care.

5.Lesser number of options available

Last but not least myth about the same day doctor services is that they are limited in number. However, the reality is somewhat different. There is normally a greater choice in selecting the private GPs as compared to the standard healthcare.

In addition to this, private healthcare makes you able to see the same doctor each time you visit, which is an added benefit. Patients may also have the choice of GPs at practice and can select who they prefer to see. Sounds worth giving a try, right?

The Final Thought

So, there you have it!! Same day doctor appointments offer your speedy services and treat your medical issue more effectively. However, don’t take decisions in hurry and keep all factors in mind to make the right choice.

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