Safe, Sound & Snoozy: 5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Sedation Dentist


The dental industry has witnessed many advancements in recent years, and there is no denying that one of the ultimate advancements is that of sleep dentistry. There are a huge range of benefits that come with this treatment form, including increased relaxation, pain relief, reduced gag relief and faster treatment time (which could result in fewer visits to your dental expert!).

However, it’s important that you find the best sleep dentistry clinic Melbourne has, and to do so it’s best to follow these tips:

1. Ensure the clinic has the right credentials

 Because not all dental “professionals” are certified to provide this particular service! It is a serious red flag if they offer the service but don’t have the right credentials, and is certainly someone you should overlook when selecting this service.

This treatment form is a specialised dental skill that is taught in specific schools, and therefore your expert must have the right certification from one of these schools to be able to safely provide such a treatment!

2. Check their reviews & testimonials

 After you already know that the professional has the right credentials to provide this service, it’s important that you look into their history and check that they have both the experience to treat your issue as well as a list of happy patients that recommend their work.

The best place to start is through Google reviews, as you should be able to see a list of reviews from (hopefully happy!) patients who had their anxieties relieved and will recommend the professional.

3. Inquire about their experience & who they have already treated

 Not all sedation dentists have the same level of experience in the field. In fact, given this is a relatively recent field, it is often the case that professionals are new to the treatment and may not have treated people with similar requirements to yours.

If you experience dental anxiety, it’s a good idea to ask your prospective expert who they have already treated. If they have already had plenty of experience in treating similar patients with similar anxieties – this can’t be a bad thing. With this in mind, they should also be able to talk you through their service and how they can go about treating your specific issue.

4. Where will the procedure take place

 As this treatment form requires particular equipment for specific patients, it may not be possible to perform the treatment in the dental clinic. Many dentists choose to provide their treatment in a hospital or other medical site as they have the access to the equipment they need.

But this may not work for you, especially if it turns out the location is far from your home (it’s important that you have relatively easy access to your home after this treatment!).

So, discuss where the treatment will take place and decide whether the location, if not at the best sleep dentistry clinic Melbourne has, is right for you!

5. How much will it cost?

 Naturally, all dental procedures cost different amounts due to the patient’s specific requirements. So, it’s important that you chat with the dental professional, going through a breakdown of the cost to ensure you don’t get hit with any hidden fees down the track.

This, and the other four imperative tips, are the best way to find the ideal professional in this vital field, one that cares about your health and wellbeing, and who will provide the very best service in the business!

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