Pregnancy Health Medical Procedures – the Pregnancy Test


This is one of the most asked questions by many, when to take a pregnancy test? This is probably the most asked by women who are planning to get pregnant. There are many who wish to take this test as soon as possible so that they get to know the good news. But just wait, it might as well be too soon.

First day of last period

Theoretically speaking, the first day of your last period is said to be the very first day of your pregnancy, but you are often not pregnant during that stage. We need to know how pregnancy really works and more about the ovulation period and exactly how it is all tied together prior to planning for pregnancy.

Sex with no protection

There are many women who think that they get pregnant just as they have sex without any protection, but the fact is that the actual time when a woman can get pregnant is quite small. It is just 12-24 hours on that day of ovulation. Ovulation is when your body releases the egg and if that egg gets fertilized, it moves onto the uterus where it will implant into the lining. If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, your normal periods then continue. But, how early the woman can get pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test after miss a period and many worry about the pregnancy test accuracy.

Accuracy rate

As many doctors in clinics across the world will tell you, any of the pregnancy health medical procedures that tell of you are pregnant have an accuracy rate of 99% and are to be taken after a period is missed. Thanks to these home test kits, a woman can now do these tests from their own home. All you need to do is to open the test and place it under flow of urine and you need to wait for some time in order to check the results.

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