Pearl Powder – An Ancient Superfood Making a Trendy Comeback


Pearls add touch of luxury and elegance to every occasion, even an extravagant feast! Surprised! According to ancient Roman history, famous Cleopatra had made a bet with her boyfriend Marc Antony that all the display of luxury and feasts he made were nothing in comparison to extravagance she could demonstrate like she could spend around 10,000,000 sesterces on a single meal equal to $500,000 today! Actually, Marc ridiculed this claim and accepted this bet.

Next day, Cleopatra invited Marc to a meal that was served sumptuously. He made a comment that there was nothing special than his daily meal. Nonetheless, when a single dish with vinegar was placed before her, she took off her real pearl earrings [perhaps the largest ones] and dropped in the vinegar. The moment it dissolved, Cleopatra drank this mixture and thus won the bet.

Pearl crystals are known to possess healing power but even eating it is healthy. Since ancient times, using pearl orally is proved to be safe. In Eastern culture, especially in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic field pearl powder is used to heal several illnesses. You can read more here.

Pearls make you feel glamorous but are a tonic herb associated with health and beauty. It is loaded with calcium, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and co-factors.

  • It is great anti-aging substance.
  • Helps in reducing dark spots and wrinkles because of its strong antioxidants, which improves the enzyme SuperOxide Dismutase activities.
  • In TCM, it is considered to stabilize the mood [Shen stabilizer].
  • It treats symptoms like tension, nervousness, anxiety, uneasiness, and sleeplessness.
  • Increases vitality and energy levels.
  • Supports nervous system.
  • Eight essential amino acids that your body cannot produce but are necessary for well-being and health are available from pearl powder.
  • In China, pearl powder is used to enhance IQ in kids, bone health and teeth.
  • Certain pearl components contribute in RNA and DNA activities for supporting cell renewal.
  • Mucopolysaccharides boost sexual vitality.
  • Pearl powder makes skin smooth and lustrous, so you will find them used in several cosmetic products.

Today, even Western science has approved the power of pearl and wisdom of ancient medicine.

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