Medicinal Marijuana for Rheumatoid Arthritic Conditions – Why this is a Viable Treatment Method for the 21st Century


Arthritis is a ticking time bomb for many elderly patients throughout the world. As life expectancy increases, the number of cases of arthritis also increases. For a 21st century problem, we need a 21st century solution. This is why cannabis can be the answer and offer a relieving of some of the most common symptoms that people suffer from.

The Number of Sufferers Continues to Increase…

It is estimated from recent data released last month that approximately 40 million people suffer from some form of arthritis in the USA. This number contributes to the 350 million people who suffer from the condition worldwide. While there are a large number of sufferers who are quite elderly, many sufferers are under the age of 65 (around 60% of all cases), so this is a condition that permeates the entire population whether young or old.

The Role Cannabis Plays

Cannabis is a viable treatment solution for arthritis sufferers who don’t want to take any NSAIDS or opioids. These drugs often produce bad side effects, and can be addictive in some, so this is not a good route to go down for many. Chronic pain relief is one of the most widely known benefits of regularly using cannabis, but this of course depends on the strains that you use. This is not only backed up by anecdotal evidence, now scientific studies completed by renowned institutions have ratified the fact. The findings found that not only was pain reduce, cannabis also reduced swelling and inflammation that arthritis patients suffered from. It can reduce inflammation by interacting and changing epigenome, to produce the effect.

What Strains Can Help Arthritis Sufferers?


This is the most widely used cannabis strain for rheumatoid arthritis. Cannatonic is a popular strain, so when you go down to your local dispensary, you are likely to see the strain available. You can expect the strain to have a low concentration of THC, but higher concentrations of CBD, which means there isn’t a big psychoactive effect.


A second strain we would use for arthritis is ACDC. This is a fantastic strain for reducing pain, whilst increasing feelings of happiness and euphoria. It has a similar effect to Cannatonic, so it is certainly worth giving this strain a try.

Do you use a strain that works for your arthritis? Let us know your experience!

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