Keep Your Child Safe from Bitter Winter Illnesses


The leaves may be falling now but make no mistake Jack Frost will soon be knocking at the door. Time to pull out the winter coats, fuzzy sweaters, colorful mittens, toboggans, thick socks and boots. This is when parents prepare, for the battle of keeping kids safe, from the horrible germs, that can easily invade those little bodies. The conversations about not sharing clothes, covering the mouth and always wash your hands, are the best start to teaching the little ones, how to not get sick. Unfortunately, it will happen, and it all starts with a little sniffle.

Winter can bring forth the worst and scariest of illness in children. It is best to know what to look for. Education is the best tool to prepare for the worst. However, you can always ask any professional pediatric services vernon hills il.

The Common Cold

This is an easy one, but still a viral infection. The cold includes a cough, with a possible low-grade fever. These symptoms could appear to get worse after 3 to 5 days but should never last more than 7 to 10 days.


This is like the cold’s big brother, a nasty respiratory viral infection that can wreak havoc on a little body. This cough is usually accompanied with nasal congestion and a low-grade fever and could, develop a bit of wheezing. If symptoms such as breathing problems or possible dehydration begin to occur, you can seek help professional medical advice from the pediatrician.


Of course, this illness is commonly called “The Flu.” Lucky for us the CDC (Center for Disease Control) does their best, every year to prevent the wide spread of the dreaded flu. Mainly because this air-born illness can spread like wild fire. The symptoms can start out looking like a cold but are more severe. The flu will cause high fever, cough, sore throat, headaches and muscle pain. These symptoms can last up to 5 days. There are medications that are available over-the-counter, to decrease the length of symptoms. These medications are generally only recommended in cases, where there is a history of hospitalization, due to flu symptoms, or a danger to a pre-existing condition. The best way to prevent the flu, is to make sure everyone in your household receives the flu vaccine. These generally become readily available during the autumn months.

The Croup

The croup is another viral infection, that starts suspiciously, disguised as the common cold. The difference with the Croup; the cough will advance into a deep barking sound, similar to the sound of a seal. There will also be a high-pitched squeal while breathing. This can be controlled or subdued, by cool dry air (Make sure to bundle them up before going outside) or hot humid air, either by using a humidifier or steaming up the bathroom. Winter is the time of year, we all become susceptible to air-born illness. Keep your family healthy.

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