How to Install a Water Purifier in Your House


An RO water purifier is the most necessary thing in a household because we cannot live without water and before anything else we need to put in our home a good water purifier. To get perfect water system you can always contact RO Care India.

If you are looking for a water purifier and have decided on RO, then you must know that you need to install it and that should be the very first thing, because while you are moving into the new home, while decorating the rooms, you will definitely be thirsty and then this water system will quench your thirst. Since it’s really an unhealthy option to drink from the tap water you need to know the way you can install the purifier in your home. Thus, we have listed the steps for your convenience.

  1. Draining the system

The first step in this is to drain the whole system out of the water, and you have to close the main water supply. Then you need to release the pressure on the faucet to let out all the remaining water from the system.

  1. Cutting of the pipe

For this part, you have to select the place you are going to put the filter in your house and make sure the pipeline is accessible from there. Then your step will be to cut the same and make sure that the place has clearance under the filter tank and can be easily removed or reattached if needed. You can keep a small bucket with you, if any extra water oozes out of the pipe, and remove any whiz from the freshly cut area. Also, if you are installing the RO filter in a small place then you need to use a small cutter.

  1. Attaching the fittings

Once you have cut the pipe, it’s time to attach the proper fittings that you have bought with the filter. You can use good and strong tapes to make sure the fittings are tightly placed there, and there is no leakage. You need to place the same on the filter but make sure they are not too tight; otherwise, water pressure can cause it to burst and break the line.

  1. The location of the filter

It will be best if you put the filter on the water line because that way the water can be filtered from its source. Make sure that the filter is fit their perfect and straight.

  1. Now turn the water on

After this, you need to turn the water on and check the water pressure. It will be best for this time to check for the leaks. You need to stop the leak now before it becomes an everyday problem.

  1. Do change the filter if needed

If you need to change the filter you must do it at the time of installation. While replacing the same, you need to turn the switch off the connection and the water supply too.

Take the note from the above-mentioned tips and you will understand the way you can install an RO system in your house.

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