How To Get That Smile Back Again


Many people experience losing one, some, or all of their teeth as they journey through life. In fact, the average number of teeth that an adult, ranging from 35 to 49 years old, has is roughly 25 teeth, 7 less than a full set. 

Some of these missing teeth can be attributed to wisdom teeth, where many people opt or need to have them removed. But these other missing teeth are likely a result from numerous factors, including accidents, tooth decay or a lack of appropriate dental care.

Unfortunately, such missing teeth can play a major role in the self-esteem of an individual, as well as how they appear to their peers and colleagues. A recent study showed a staggering 51% of British people are made to feel self-conscious about their smile, for a variety of factors of course, but it is needless to say that if something can be done about improving one’s confidence then an effort should be made to seek advice on how this can be done. 

In regards to missing teeth, both a cosmetic and restorative solution can be combined into one invaluable and flexible treatment plan that suits the needs and desires of the individual patient. 

Dental implants in Melbourne offer patients a unique and reliable way to restore their smile to its original glory, as well as providing the full functionality of the mouth again. Many patients find that subsequent issues that occur after they have lost one or several teeth can be abated by committing to this treatment as soon as possible.

What are some of the complications that can arise from losing teeth?

Often times, remaining teeth shift and move when they are not kept in line by abutting teeth. Spaces created by missing teeth leave adjacent teeth free to move into this gap. This can cause bite complications for the patient, increase their risk of injury, as well as potentially impacting their confidence as their teeth distort their smile.

It is also important to note that health issues can arise from missing teeth. Not only can people begin to inadvertently avoid eating certain foods for fear of pain or inability to bite and chew, but this can lead to a lack of nutrition which can have multiple health complications if not identified quickly and remedied. 

How to do this

To remedy the issue, one must first seek the cause of the complication. In cases such as these, missing teeth is the primary reason as to why people are reducing the diversity of their food intake. 

By replacing their original teeth in the most natural and permanent way possible, patients can feel able to return to a normal way of living, eating and laughing prior to them losing their natural teeth. This is the ultimate solution for dentists, who are seeking to improve the lives of their patients in the simplest way, that has the longest and highest success rate for the benefit of everyone involved.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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