How do crash diet works in lose weight?


Crash dieting is considered as the quickest way to lose weight. Though not considered as a permanent solution to obesity, but can help in giving the best short term weight loss solutions. And, as less as in a week or two to provide results. It is a perfect solution for someone who is looking for short term and immediate results like for weddings or any particular occasion. Many celebrities take to crash diets for their looks for a particular episode or filming.

What is crash diet?

As per the best dietitian in Gujarat, a crash diet is a diet or nutritional plan that is devised on the basis of severely reducing the calorie intake. It is also narratively restrictive and promotes a quick weight loss. These types of diet plans are not meant for long term use and focusses mainly on one type of food group or foods. These diets goes beyond 1000 Kcal a day and such diets are often considered dangerous in the long run. It leads to starvation.

Crash diets are very good for people who are sort of heavy eaters or those who easily gets tempted by food. The working is simple – when the body gets less calories, it turns to fats to get the needed energy and thus weight loss.

What makes crash diets so popular?

As per dietitianSheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic – the best dietitian in India, hectic lifestyles and busy work schedules leaves no time for people these days to indulge in regular exercises or dietary regimes, thereby, shifting one’s focus to instant and quick weight loss solutions like crash diets.

She also says that diet pills and health supplements for weight loss are dangerous and have shown to cause negative side effects and weakness. Crash diet is a better solution as compared to these pills and supplements. Crash diet if combined with a little bit of physical activities can yield much better and fruitful results. The crux lies in following a crash diet with dedication and a disciplined approach.

How do crash diets work?

Cash diets, as the name suggest are more of a quick short term solution for weight loss and gives you the results for an important life event – wedding, stage shows, etc. The weight loss that happens with a crash diet happens with cutting down mainly carbs and other foods and is more of a water loss from the body. When you lose weight by losing water and not fats, there are full probabilities that you gain back all that you have lost in a short while too.

Although crash diets are very effective short term weight loss answer, the foods in it sometimes becomes either too dull or too difficult to continue. Generally, people who does crash dieting tend to take in the foods by sprinkling some sugar or cinnamon on it and then have. This supresses the bland taste and makes it more palatable.

The best crash diet:

To start, it is vital to know your exact weight and body mass. This gives you the idea of how much you should lose and lose healthily. Secondly, eliminate all food cravings that is bad for your health and weight as well by replacing all of it with nutritious and palatable food. Protein rich foods are a must in crash diets as these foods slows down the appetite and makes you hungry less often.

Water is another aspect that is a must. Water helps clearing the body of toxins and lose fat and keeps the body hydrated at all times.

The simplest rule that applies is a crash diet is depriving the body of calories. As the body does not gets any energy to carry on with the daily activities, it starts burning the stored fats for all its needs.

A good low-calorie diet does the following to us:

  • Improves metabolic rate: a good crash diet will always aim for foods that aids metabolism. It is the amount of calories burnt per day. Foods like apples, fish, tomato and yoghurt aims to heighten the metabolic rate and burn fats faster.
  • Brings down sugar levels: excess sugar spikes blood sugar levels. Excess sugar cannot be absorbed by the body and get stored by the liver as fats. Thereby, a good crash diet will include foods that are low in sugar.
  • Have foods low in carbohydrates: the foods included in a good crash diet are low in carbohydrate contents. More carbs means more calories required to burn them and if the calories consumption is less the excess carbs would be stored in the body as fats and you will never lose weight. Also, foods high in carbs spikes up blood sugar levels.
  • Have foods high in nutritional value: a good crash diet will restrict calories but not nutrition. The foods are well balanced and contains minerals, vitamins, fibres and healthy fats. Foods like fruits and vegetables are included in the diet and theses foods are enriched with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

The benefits of a well-planned crash diet

  • It will helps in rapid loss in very short span of time
  • There is no compromise done on the nutritional aspects
  • It will never let you starve to lose weight
  • Makes you feel fresh and more active than before
  • Aids in proper digestion and immunity
  • The overall health aspects are taken care of and never compromised
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