High Time You Discovered All Orthodontics In Navan Could Do For You?


The value of a straight smile 

It is often said that our smiles are one of the most useful and important social assets which each of us owns. They guide us through life on a daily basis and are the fundamentals from which all professional, social, and personal relationships are built upon. As such, having a healthy-looking, straight smile often makes people view you as more confident, successful, and trustworthy. With this in mind, however, the opposite is also true. Having poorly aligned, overlapping, and crooked teeth can actually have a detrimental impact on how you are viewed by others and ultimately stand in the way of your own success. Therefore, anyone who is currently living with crooked and badly aligned teeth should seek out quality orthodontics in Navan and begin their journey towards a healthier and brighter dental future. 

Times have changed

When we consider orthodontics, people commonly envision traditional metallic fused braces. While these common types of orthodontics are still widely used due to their overall success in effectively correcting poorly aligned teeth, they are also widely recognized as being uncomfortable and having a visible impact on how patients look. Nowadays however there is actually a range of different cosmetic orthodontic options which let patients align their teeth in a far less noticeable way, and – in some instances – allow patients to amend crooked teeth without having any impact on patients’ appearance at all. 

What are my cosmetic orthodontic options?

For those who are unaware of what cosmetic orthodontics are, or what options may be available to them, it may be surprising to see the massive and rapid advancements that the field of orthodontics has made in recent years. Cosmetic orthodontic treatments such as the Inman Aligner now give patients the ability to amend their misaligned teeth in a way that leaves almost no impact on their appearance. This is achieved through a revolutionary new method which is unlike traditional braces as no brackets are attached to the patient’s teeth. Rather, two aligner bows are placed over the patient’s teeth at opposite sides, which are connected through a Nickel Titanium coil spring which gently applies tension to their teeth and ultimately pulls them together. The Inman Aligner system has gained massive popularity as the two aligner bows are almost completely invisible and have minimal impact on how patients look. 

Removable orthodontic aligners

Another method of discreet orthodontics that has gained massive amounts of popularity is the Clear Smile Aligner system. Unlike most recognized orthodontic treatments, this method doesn’t require anything to be attached to the patient’s teeth. Rather, it uses a set of clear plastic removable retainers. These retainers make use of pressure points that are placed within its structure to gently move the patient’s teeth until they are straight. Each of these retainers is uniquely made to fit each patient to the exact millimeter, and as such are almost entirely invisible as they fit perfectly over their teeth. Anyone who has slightly misaligned teeth and wishes to have a straighter smile should contact a local provider of cosmetic orthodontics to speak to a professional and begin their tailored, unique treatment journey.

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