Healthy Tips When Having A Steamboat Buffet


If you have decided to put out a steamboat buffet for your next party or event, then you’ve made a great decision to add fun and a great way to network friends. If you also want to make this a healthy steamboat offering, there are a few things to consider when you are picking out ingredients and set ups.

One thing to consider is sodium content – especially of the sauces you have available for dipping. If possible, lower the overall salt content by limiting soy sauce as an ingredient in your sauces and opting for more spice instead of salt to up the flavor profiles. The next thing you might want to limit is the prepared or processed food ingredients like meatballs or fishballs. Unfortunately, even though they are super popular, these processed items are just not as good for your guests as other things you can choose to put out on the buffet.

While your party is underway, consider going along the line of hot pots with a skimmer and taking off the “scum” that forms around the edges of the pot on the surface of the soups. This froth is somewhat unhealthy to consume as it is made up of fats and proteins that are not best for your waistline – just something to avoid if possible.

What you want to think of when making it a healthier spread is to keep the meat proteins lower in quantity than the veggies, rice and rice noodles – this should mean that your guests are getting a limited quantity of the higher fat ingredients and a more unlimited quantity of the lower caloric veggies. Go for a lighter broth to make the soup base like one made from mushrooms or cabbage. These flavorful broths are much more healthy than some of the traditional ones made from high-fat meats or organs.

For ingredients you’re going to cook in the hot pots, you’ll want to choose lean meats like chicken breast, pork tenderloin, fish and shellfish that are on the lower fat side of things. Any internal organ meats you might choose will definitely raise the fat content in your hot pot.

Try to offer more vegetables with a lot of fiber like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrots, peas or edemame – low fat and low calorie, but very flavorful and filling. And then encourage your guests to mingle about and do things that will have the effect of slowing them down at the buffet table. The steamboat or hot pot is a wonderful and fun draw, so it is easy to hang there perpetually cooking and eating more than you should before you realize you’ve had enough. So space your pots out with some distance between them to get people gathering and talking in between. This will help them circulate and lower their intake overall while still getting satisfied.

Innately, a steamboat hot pot meal can be a healthy choice with fresh, low fat ingredients of excellent quality and light but well flavored soups – you just have to make sure of these choices for your guests on the front end so they can enjoy without worry. For the best Steamboat Singapore solution, visit They offer better Steamboat Delivery Singapore.

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