Health Insurance Buying Tips for Senior Citizens


Everybody is vulnerable to ailments and the sudden medical emergencies. However, senior citizens are not only more prone ailments but they are also more vulnerable to diseases on the whole. Especially in the case of senior citizens who are not earning or employed, medical emergencies can be a source of great financial worry too. Hence, for anybody over the age of 60, getting a health insurance is not only advisable but is necessary. However, getting a health insurance these days is neither a hassle nor does it need to be an object of worry. You can not only get your health insurance online but can get it very quickly with little documentation. Below, we will look the reasons for getting a good general insurance and how it can be beneficial for your golden years.

How to Choose and Avail of Good Health Insurance?

Before investing in a healthcare insurance plan, senior citizens should keep the following things in mind:

  1. Know your medical history: Before buying a health insurance plan for yourself or if you wish to buy one for a senior citizen, you should have full clarity regarding your medical history.
  2. Compare Wisely and Choose well: In order to make a good decision regarding your healthcare plan, you should compare all the available schemes and choose the plan that is best for you. To choose, you should take into consideration a variety of factors such as coverage of the plan, the prices and the things that are included or not.
  3. Filling the Form: While this may seem obvious, it is crucial to fill in your information correctly and accurately to avail of a good plan and to prevent hassles in the future.
  4. Medical Check-up: The applicant should make sure to get a thorough medical check-up before applying for a health insurance plan. The doctors will need to verify the details of the applicant. However, one should also be aware of some insurance plans that do not require screening tests before buying a policy.

Documents Required:

  1. The claim form.
  2. A statement from the physician.
  3. Attested copies of relevant medical records.
  4. An NEFT form.
  5. A KYC proof of personal identity and permanent residence.
  6. An income-proof.
  7. A proof of age.
  8. At least 2 passport-sized photographs.
  9. The application form.

Things Excluded from Health Insurance for Senior Citizens:

  1. Treatment for HIV/AIDs/STDs
  2. Optical instruments.
  3. Dental issues.
  4. Treatments related to drug abuse.
  5. Cosmetic surgeries.
  6. Congenital diseases.
  7. Non-allopathic medical treatments.
  8. All and any ailment diagnosed within 30 days of buying a policy.

Features and Benefits

  • For a health insurance plans for senior citizens, you do not need a pre-medical test.
  • All senior-citizens are entitled to free health check-ups under these plans.
  • Cashless hospitalization.
  • Such plans can cover all medical bills, fees and doctor’s charges.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization charges.
  • Policyholders are also eligible for tax benefits on paid premium.
  • You can get a new plan or renew an existing plan online.

Choosing and availing of a health insurance plan for senior citizens is not a hassle today and the only condition for eligibility is that you qualify by age. Get a comprehensive health insurance plan today.

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