Foot Care Tips For Athletes


As an athlete, your body is your greatest asset. You must do everything you can to protect it from harm. Whether you train for enjoyment or to prepare for a game, you should take the right measures. It is important to eat the right food, get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A few foot care tips can maximize your training and performance. 

Foot care is an essential routine for all athletes. Sports like football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc., can demand a lot from your foot and ankle. There are various things athletes often forget to take care of. You must be professionally diagnosed immediately if you have a foot or ankle injury. Consult a modern podiatry today. 

Foot care tips for athletes

Choose sport-specific shoes. 

There is a reason baseball shoes are made for baseball players, basketball shoes for basketball players, soccer cleats for soccer players, and so on. Sportspersons do not buy these shoes to show off their money or profession. A sport can demand certain pressure upon your feet and ankle, and this pressure can differ depending on the type of sport. 

For example, basketball shoes have high tops and heavy soles because players need cushioning for all the jumping they do. If you play sports, you should have the appropriate gear. 

Do not push yourself. 

You may feel motivated and try to do more than what your body can handle. Pushing yourself beyond your limits is not healthy and can cause problems. Part of being a good athlete is knowing what your limits are and when to stop. Remember that everyone has different bodies. What worked out for your friend may not work out for you. Take gradual breaks between your practice sessions and follow your doctor’s instructions thoroughly during an injury. 

Practice good foot hygiene. 

If you are an active sports player, it is a no-brainer that you should be extra careful about your hygiene since you sweat more than other people. You should take care of your foot hygiene as well. Use a gentle soap to clean your foot and ankle, and make sure to clean between the toes. Keep many pairs of washed socks to change throughout the day in between practice sessions. Lastly, keep your shoes as clean as your socks. 

Do not hang on to old shoes. 

Many people get emotionally attached to some of their shoes. However, it is important to change sneakers from time to time. Even your best and most expensive pair can succumb to wear and tear and increase the possibility of an accident. Moreover, old shoes become the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. 

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