Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Working With A Nurse Midwife


Although pregnancy is a natural process, it becomes complicated for many women. Navigating through pregnancy and delivery can be difficult, especially if you don’t have specialized help. The good news is that a certified nurse midwife Jackson Heights, NY will provide you with the best prenatal and delivery care.

Certified nurse midwives are recognized providers who offer advanced services in women’s health, pregnancy care, and childbirth. A nurse midwife provides exemplary support as you prepare for the baby. This guide provides five reasons for working with a nurse midwife.

1. They focus on your overall health

Midwives are board-certified specialists who also focus on your general health and well-being. They specialize in all aspects of physical, social, and psychological health. All these aspects add up to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Generally, your physical and psychological health is related to your baby’s health. Therefore, ongoing medical supervision is critical for a successful pregnancy. Besides providing exceptional services, midwives provide you with the support you require.

2. They are committed to providing a more natural approach

Unless the pregnancy has complications, midwife care believes in natural childbirth. They provide support and medical assistance to ensure you deliver your baby safely and naturally. Furthermore, provides you with delivery care that aligns with your goals.

If you prefer a more natural approach, visiting a nurse midwife is your best solution. These specialists will work closely with you to prevent pregnancy complications that may require excessive clinical care. Ultimately, you and your child will be safe even after delivery.

3. You’ll receive individualized care

Midwifery focuses on a holistic approach to pregnancy and delivery. This includes building a healthy relationship between patients and their care providers. During this period, your midwife gets to know you and thus recommends personalized services for you and your baby’s wellness.

In addition, midwives see you throughout your pregnancy for routine checkups. You can expect your midwife to educate and counsel you about leading a healthy pregnancy. With an expert cheering you on, you’ll have a successful delivery.

4. Encourages fewer interventions

Unlike women who give birth to doctors, those assisted by midwives tend to have fewer interventions. Contrary to regular physicians, midwives have more to offer to their patients. This is why most women who prefer midwifery have low-risk pregnancy and delivery.

Generally, midwifery lowers your risk of cesarean sections, induced labor, and medicated births. Because of their expertise, midwives provide full medical care for all laboring women. Midwifery is, therefore, an investment in a safe and healthy delivery process.

5. They stick with you through the first days of parenting

Your midwife doesn’t only walk you through pregnancy and delivery. If this is your first child, nurse midwives provide you with the first steps of parenting. This includes early infant care to keep your baby healthy in the long run.

Because of the relationship built during pregnancy, your midwife becomes a valuable partner in your first parenting days. This includes coaching you on breastfeeding techniques, diapering, and bathing your child. This will help prevent any mistakes affecting your baby’s overall health.

Nothing feels better than having a physician’s backup during your pregnancy period. In case of any complications, your nurse midwife has got you covered. The midwifery approach offers the best experience for new parents and those who wish to increase their families.

Do you desire to have a successful pregnancy and delivery? If so, having a nurse midwife can significantly benefit you. Book your consultation today!

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