Fed Up With Grinding Your Teeth? 5 Reasons Why You May Benefit From A Mouth Guard


An often-overlooked area of dentistry is that of preventive or protective options to keep the teeth in your mouth healthy and intact.

Indeed, while teeth are the strongest bone in the human body due to enamel, they are not immune to breakage and every day dentists see cases of broken or chipped teeth caused by a blunt impact. Though repairing such damage is fairly straightforward, there are ways to prevent damage to the teeth; a custom-fitted mouthguard!

Typically, only worn during sporting events, a custom-fitted mouthguard may be useful for many reasons. Usually covering the upper set of teeth, they can be a useful addition to keeping your teeth healthy and assisting in the treatment of many dental disorders.

Sports protection

As mentioned earlier, one of the most common reasons that a person will have a custom-fitted mouthpiece from a team like Spa Dental in Sydney is to protect their teeth during sporting events. While you can buy a standard mouthguard in a sports apparel store, if your teeth are not perfectly aligned or if previous general guards have not fitted correctly, it is worth asking your dental team about having a custom option made.


It is fairly common for people to grind their teeth during times of stress, but when this behavior continues into the night, it can cause problems.

If you frequently wake up with headaches, migraines or even feeling unrested, it may be worth talking to a dental team about having a nocturnal guard fitted.

The asleep dentistry dental team, like the one at Spa Dental near Sydney, will be able to offer a more fitted device that is comfortable, so you can sleep in it comfortably without worrying about it coming loose. The barrier will prevent your teeth from rubbing together, allowing you to awaken feeling refreshed. Brilliant!


Another common issue that sleep dentistry teams like Spa Dental by Sydney see are snoring related.

If you are fed up with being banished to the spare room by your bed partner, it is time to book an appointment for the fitting of a security apparatus that will stop you from snoring. Usually slotted into the mouth, this will prevent your lower jaw from falling backward as you sleep, which causes you to snore.


There are many reasons why people chip their teeth; some people eat harder foods; some people have more active jobs like construction and other people may just be more prone to falling over.

If your teeth are susceptible to chipping, your dentist will be able to offer you a discreet mouthguard to protect them during higher-risk activities.

Temporomandibular joint disorder

The joint that attaches the lower jaw to the skull can be another reason to have a custom mouthguard made.

If your joint is malformed or painful, a mouthguard can offer support to this joint, preventing discomfort, swelling, and any associated head, neck, and shoulder discomfort. Wearing the device while asleep will ensure no further damage or discomfort occurs.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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