Everything About Emergency Dentistry


If a dental emergency like a tooth or gum injury is not treated straight away, it might be hazardous. Ignoring dental issues might raise your risk of long-term harm, which ultimately necessitates more involved and expensive treatment. Emergency dentistry is necessary for several oral issues.

Bellevue emergency dentistry team offers same-day treatments to relieve pain, uncontrolled bleeding, and preserve your teeth structure and function.

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry refers to unscheduled dental visits that call for prompt diagnosis and care. Professional dentists provide this specialized service to deal with dental crises that arise suddenly.

What is the need for emergency dentistry?

There are several symptoms or situations when you would need emergency dental care, such as:

  • To relieve extreme pain
    • This could be a sign of an impact on the tooth that can cause inflammation
    • Severe infection can also lead to acute or chronic pain, primarily if it spreads into the tooth pulp, gums, or underlying bones.
  • To stop uncontrolled bleeding
    • This could result due to trauma
  • To save a damaged tooth
    • Cracked or broken teeth require immediate attention since the broken pieces can be accidentally swallowed.
  • Other dental problems include:
    • Abscess
    • Objects stuck in your gums or soft tissues
    • Loose permanent tooth
    • Filling, crown, or bridge displacement

How to protect your teeth during an emergency?

You can manage a damaged or infected tooth with some useful tips to prevent further damage to your gums and surrounding tissues.

  • Knocked out tooth
    • Do not touch the tooth root
    • Keep the tooth moist by placing it between your gums and tongue, or by immersing it in either one of the following
      • Milk
      • Plain water
    • Visit the dentist within 30 to 60 minutes
  • Objects stuck in your gums, tongue, or cheeks
    • Do not try to pull or extract the stuck object since this can do more harm
    • Leave the object in its place and visit the dentist as soon as possible

How are dental emergencies treated?

Dental specialists facilitate same day treatment for dental emergencies that help to relieve pain and preserve the tooth.

Treatment provided depends on the type of dental emergency, for example:

  • A knocked out tooth will be replanted into the socket or the dentist may provide a temporary crown to protect the damaged tooth.
  • An abscess will be immediately drained to remove the pus and debris


Dental emergencies need immediate treatment since if left untreated it can cause severe complications that could further damage your tooth and the surrounding structures. Emergency dentistry is essential to preserve tooth structure and function.

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